Feel Good Friday – Stubble & ‘Stache

feel good friday stubble stache 1

Stubble & ‘Stache was founded in honor of U.S. Marine Sergeant Justin Hansen who was killed while conducting combat operations in northwest Afghanistan on July 24, 2012. While he was an elite special operations Marine, Hansen grew an epic beard.


To honor his fallen brother, fellow Marine Nicholas Karnaze grew out his beard. As his beard grew his skin became itchy and scratchy and while Karnaze searched far and wide for products to help his skin he finally gave up and created his own.

feel good friday stubble stache

Stubble & Stache’s two-in-one beard conditioner and facial moisturizer helps hydrate the face, soothes and helps firm skin, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces the itch and irritation associated with growing a beard. They have a great beard balm and face & beard wash. Note: You can enjoy these products even if you don’t have a beard!

If the story wasn’t feel good enough, Stubble & ‘Stache also donates a portion of profits to charities supporting our wounded heroes and their families with a focus on organizations working with PTSD, depression and other mental wounds. Also, all of the products are made in the USA.

feel good friday stubble stache

We chatted with Nicholas to learn more about his awesome little empire.

Was the grooming world new to you when you launched?

Yes! I did a lot of independent research and since I come from a family of doctors I asked a lot of questions. I was also a total nerd and loved chemistry as a kid. Once I figured out that this was a viable brand idea I began working with an amazing chemist. Now I work with chemists on everything. I come up with the initial concept (and call a lot of friends asking about their grooming issues) and then I call my chemist and we nail it.

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What is next for the brand?

We just launched the beard balm. Everything we do is multi-purpose. Next up is a beard oil. While our first product does everything a beard oil can do, we are constantly asked if we are going to launch one so we wanted to run with it. Ours of course will be multi-purpose and you will be able to use it on your face, beard and skin. We are also rolling out a full skincare line. Lots of guys need an eye cream, especially after a long night out. Looking out a year we would like to launch a dopp kit too. We have something else happening that needs FDA approval so stay tuned!

We see you work with two great non-profits. Will you be working with more?

As our revenue grows we will be working with more organizations but the focus will always be organizations working with mental health issues. We also offer in kind products for events for lots of non-profits.


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