Keep Your Melon Warm on Frigid Days with Bolle Osmoz

If you don’t count mountain climbing, snowsports like skiing and snowboarding are probably the most gear-heavy hobbies you can have. You’ve got boards, skis, poles, boots, socks, pants, gloves, hats, helmets, and goggles – and if you’re unfortunate enough to forget any one of these items before you head up to the hill, you’re screwed. Unless you’re rocking some kind of unibody snowsport space suit, remembering all your gear is easier said than done, so when we heard about Bolle’s Osmoz helmet-visor combo, we were excited by the prospect of consolidating equipment. One less thing to throw in the gear bag is always a good thing.

But saving a bit of  space isn’t the only upside to the Osmoz. Bolle has engineered the helmet with an advanced venting system that lets you adjust the helmet for optimal airflow. Translation? It’s easy to keep your melon warm on frigid days, and also easy to keep it cool and dry on those sunny spring shred sessions. Oh, and speaking of varying weather conditions, it also comes with four interchangeable lenses, so you’ll be seeing clearly no matter if it’s a bluebird day or it’s overcast and grey. And don’t worry about cumbersome lens swapping processes like you get with most standalone goggles – the lenses on Osmoz designed to snap in or out in a matter of seconds.

As far as materials go, the helmet’s exterior is made from injection-molded ABS thermoplastic, which is then fused to a lightweight, impact-absorbent foam on the inside. The result is an extremely durable cage for your cranium that won’t weigh you down. Unfortunately you can’t purchase one just yet, but Bolle plans to release the Osmoz this September with a $200 price tag. When you consider the fact that most higher-end goggles and helmets cost upwards of $150, this thing is a steal.

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