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These Beasts of Weights are Guaranteed to Take Your Lifting to the Next Level

Primal Bigfoot Kettlebells
We get it – that New Year’s resolution to get fit isn’t all its cracked up to be. Plus, the monotony of gym visits and dieting can get old quick.

While we can’t do anything about the quality of your local fitness stop, the gurus at Onnit have created these gorgeous Primal Bigfoot Kettlebells to spice things up.

These literal beasts of weights come in five different sizes: The smallest being the “Howler” at 18 lbs., “Chimp” – 36 lbs., Orangutan – 54 lbs., “Gorilla” – 72 lbs. and the most mammoth of the lineup – the “”Bigfoot” at 90.2 lbs.

Primal Bigfoot Kettlebells

Each is a solid block of chip-resistant iron that’s perfectly balanced to take your weightlifting to the next level. The designers also enlarged the handles on each one for a better grip.

These weights are so good-looking, we’d even be okay presenting them as standalone pieces in our homes.

And we’re not alone. Several athletes from Super Bowl Champion AJ Hawk to snowboarder Adam Dowell have also endorsed the lineup.

Onnit has even developed original workouts designed for these. Over on their YouTube channel, they have a number of routines to make the most out of each weight tier.

The weights start at $43 for the Chimp and go up to $215 for the Bigfoot. You can buy them here.

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