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6 Best Productivity Apps for 2022

When was the last time you cleaned up the apps on your phone? It happens to the best of us — we hear about a cool new app, download it, use it once, and leave it to rot somewhere in the forgotten corners of our phone screen. Well, it’s almost spring cleaning time, and we think that should include your phone, too. Instead of keeping those dusty old novelty apps sitting around taking up precious GBs, replace them with the best productivity apps.

If You’re a Procrastinator: Procraster

Available for iOS; $1.99 download

If you’re a serial procrastinator, you know how frustrating it can be to try to break out of that proclivity. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by a task, the last thing you need is someone reminding you that you should have started sooner. Procraster’s not about that, though. It gets you. When you open the app, Procraster will ask you what it is that’s overwhelming you about your task. Is it too big? Are you unsure where to start? Did you get off course by making a mistake? Or maybe your deadline is just bearing down on you? Whatever the problem, Procraster will break down your project and walk you through its completion like the best friend none of us deserve. The app will also track the time you spend on tasks, provide you with charts and data to show you which of your responsibilities require the most time commitment, and help you prioritize tasks.

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If You Have a Busy Schedule:

Available for iOS and Android; Free (premium option available)

When you’ve got a crazy schedule, a basic calendar app just doesn’t cut it. is a lifesaver for people with busy lives; combining tasks, to-do lists, and calendars into a powerhouse for schedule management. Plug in all the tasks you need to accomplish and helps you categorize them, set priorities, tag locations for each task, share tasks and schedules with others, and see multiple-level views of your schedule for the day, week, month, or longer. The app will even plan your day for you based on that day’s tasks and their priorities. The basic app is free, with a premium upgrade available.

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If You Need Better Sleep: SleepTown

Available for iOS and Android; $1.99 download

We’re all guilty of it: We know we should be resting up for work the next morning, but instead, we’re spending half the night lying in bed trying not to drop our phones on our faces as we stare up at the screen. We know getting a good night’s sleep is important to staying healthy and productive but adjusting sleep habits is always easier said than done. SleepTown turns the normally distinctly un-fun experience into a game by challenging you to keep your phone out of your hands when you should be sleeping. The game is simple: buildings are constructed while you sleep, and the more consistent you are, the better your town will become. The catch is that your buildings will be destroyed if you use your phone during your sleeping time. If other sleep apps have left you groggy, give SleepTown a try — gamification could be exactly what you’re missing.

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If You Need Help Managing Your Home: HomeZada

Available for iOS and Android; Free (premium option available)

We tend to associate productivity with our work lives, but it’s just as important to a stress-free home life, too. With HomeZada, you can keep your house in order down to the last detail. If you’re looking to organize your possessions, you can create an inventory of everything you own, complete with photos, videos, and value estimates. If it’s home finances you have trouble keeping track of, HomeZada will track your property value, mortgage and insurance costs, and household expenses. What about home maintenance and improvement, you ask? Well, use HomeZada to track projects, get maintenance reminders, receive home improvement recommendations, and compare service pricing. You can also track more than one property or share property profiles.

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If You’re a Frequent Traveler: TripIt 

Available for iOS and Android; Free (premium option available)

If you’re someone who travels a lot, you know it can be a headache to compile all your travel plans into a solid itinerary. Fortunately, TripIt can do the grunt work for you so you can focus on enjoying your trip. Connect your email to the app and TripIt will automatically build an itinerary based on email confirmations for flights, rental cars, restaurant reservations, and hotels. You can then share that itinerary with friends, family, and traveling companions. TripIt doesn’t abandon you at the gate, either: it’s just as helpful during travel and on arrival. The app will send you flight status alerts, give you the option of online check-in when available, let you know ahead of time what the weather will be like when you arrive, provide a list of public transport options to and from the airport, give you detailed maps of each airport you visit, tell you where to pick up your luggage, and so much more. Once you’ve traveled with TripIt, you’ll never leave without it again.

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If You Just Need a Chill Pill: Insight Timer

Available for iOS and Android; Free (premium option available)

Sometimes what you really need to jumpstart your productivity is a little inner peace. Even just a few minutes of mindful meditation can alleviate stress and help you stay on task. Insight Timer is a versatile app, with professionally guided meditations that will help you focus and relax. The app’s free content library isn’t just incredibly generous (there are currently over 15,000 free meditations), it’s also insanely easy to navigate, allowing you to search for meditation sessions by length, mood, popularity, and more. You can also create custom meditations with your own music and mood. What’s particularly fantastic about Insight Timer is its focus on helping users find realistic ways to integrate meditation into their lives. Regardless of your experience level, how much time you have, or what mood you’re in, Insight Timer will help you connect with the right meditation.

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Looking for more apps to help you organize your life? Here are our top picks for finance, fitness, note-taking, and mental health awareness.

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