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The Creators of the Giga Mansion Have Teamed Up Again to Create This Luxury Home

At a time when downsizing and tiny houses are so trendy that the movement has generated multiple television shows, it seems the wealthiest among us just keep going bigger. “Giga mansions” are becoming a thing thanks to developers like Nile Niami and his “The One,” a $500 million mansion that takes up a mind-boggling 100,000 square feet. Working with architect Paul McClean, Niami is at it again with Carcassonne Road Residence, the newest multi-million dollar mansion to be built in Bel-Air.

Perhaps Niami and McClean felt they couldn’t top the opulence of The One (what with its $250,000 Cristal Champagne room and jellyfish tank walls), because they toned things down when developing Carcassonne Road Residence. At just 28,000 square feet, this mansion is one-quarter of the size and currently on the market for $65 million. But smaller doesn’t mean it’s any less indulgent — this place still screams luxury.

Aaron Kirman Group/Compass

Sitting on two acres, the home is accessed via a long, curving driveway that leads to the entry path, a set of floating stairs that is becoming a signature look for architect McClean. Lined with palm trees and mature landscaping, the property offers plenty of privacy and feels more like an exclusive island resort than a home in California. 

Once inside, you are greeted by a jaw-drawing foyer with 25-foot ceilings and walls of glass that flood the space with natural light. High-end finishes abound, with white marble flooring and oxidized metal accent panels that contrast against the bright white walls and ceilings. Oversize doorways leading off to other rooms add to the feeling of grandeur that is a continuing theme throughout the home.

Stretching out along the narrow property, Carcassonne Road Residence has all of the luxury amenities that have become standard in multi-million dollar mansions. The home includes nine bedroom suites, a fitness center, a wine cellar, a cinema, and is fully outfitted with a SMART system. Outside, the home includes a reflecting pool with floating stair walking path, a 160-foot-long swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, and a 30-foot waterfall. But the one new thing we haven’t seen in other luxury listings is the in-home wellness spa. This space is resort-quality and offers everything from a facial room to a hair salon to a massage studio. 

Throughout Carcassonne Road Residence, thoughtful touches were added that make the home worth the $65 million dollar price tag. The master suite features a walk-in closet that is more like a boutique store with glass doors that allow clothing and footwear to become artistic moments. Reflective surfaces add a touch of bling to different areas of the home, like the shiny blue cabinetry in the office and the polished metal shelving in the glass-enclosed wine room. Under the guidance of McClean, these elements add a tasteful, not tacky, level of luxury to an already impressive retreat.

While Carcassonne Road Residence is something the average person will never be able to afford, it is inspirational — offering design ideas that can be incorporated into your own home to add a touch of luxury to your space.

The oxidized steel panels from the foyer continue into the main sitting area, turning the fireplace into a masculine focal point in an all-white room. The kitchen shows how swapping out a standard light for an oversize chandelier can add a touch of whimsy to the room. And all of those reflective surfaces actually trick your eye into thinking the room is bigger than it is, so if you renovate your tiny bathroom, try going for a colorful, high-gloss vanity. 

While it may take winning the lottery for you to ever own a Niami-McClean home of your own, at least you know you can fake it in your own space ‘til then. 

Carcassonne Road Residence is currently listed by Jennie Priel and Aaron Kirman, both with Compass’ Aaron Kirman Group.

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