Trekking: 3x1s latest collab is a selvedge denim surfboard

Man isn’t meant to stay indoors — our weekly “Trekking” column can attest to that. It’s a column dedicated to the adventurer inside of all of us, the one pining to ditch the office humdrum for a quick surf session or seven-week jaunt in the Grand Tetons. One day we may highlight an ultra-light stove and the next a set of handmade canoe paddles. Life doesn’t just happen inside the workplace, so get outside and live it.

Some things simply aren’t meant to go together — take toothpaste and orange juice, for example. However, every once in a good while someone manages to mesh together two objects or ideas that aren’t typically made to coexist in the same realm. The 3×1 x Token Surfboard Collection ($2,250+) is the perfect case in point, comprised of three exclusive surfboards outfitted with selvedge denim inlays courtesy of 3×1.

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these-custom-surfboards-are-made-out-of-selvedge-denimHowever, there’s more to each board than just a classic, denim-clad appeal. Renowned boardmaker Christian Token hand-shapes and glasses each board in Token’s Brooklyn workshop, laying in the premium denim organically instead of using a rigid set of geometric patterns that would inevitably produce a more uniform design. You can further choose to personalize each board — whether you opt for the Pine Longboard, Lagos Egg Board, or the June Mid Length Board — allowing for a custom build that’s more tailored to your style. Each of the three boards also possesses its own riding style, so you can hit the waves like the iconic noseriders of the ’60s or draw out turns with maximum speed.

To top it off, each board comes bundled with a complimentary denim bag and matching board sleeve for travel. They’re certainly not the cheapest surfboards on the market, but then again, neither surf equipment or luxury denim come particulary cheap.

Check out the 3×1 online for a closer look at the three boards, or stop by the company’s new Southampton location to gloss its notable selection of custom-made denim.

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