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Chase Scheinbaum

Chase Scheinbaum

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Chase Scheinbaum is a freelance writer and a graduate of Columbia Journalism School who sailed across the Pacific Ocean (and decided it would be better to fly back). He lives and surfs in San Diego where he rarely gets to flex his superpower: speaking Danish.

porsche design, Porsche-Design-Sunglasses

Porsche Design Rereleases Iconic Sunglass Styles With New Gold Touches


Make Better Coffee by Adding these Mineral Packets to Your Brewing Water

The mineral content of your brewing water drastically affects the tastes of your coffee. These mineral packets from Third Wave Water help get it right.
need-essentials-1, wetsuits

Need Essentials Offers No-Frills Wetsuit and Outerwear Line for Surfers

This direct-to-consumer company offers premium logo-free wetsuits and outerwear from the same manufacturers as name brands at lower prices.
otterbox coolers

Cold Comfort: New Durable OtterBox Coolers Hold Ice for Up to Two Weeks

A new line of super-durable Otterbox coolers are made to withstand the bumps and tumbles of an adventurous life and hold ice for two weeks.

This Sleek One-Hitter Let’s You Add a Clean Filter Whenever You Want

This sleek one-hitter pipe accepts cotton filters for a smoother and cleaner smoking experience. And, style-wise, it's a huge step up from others.
paqsule_bag, paqsule

This Gym Bag Cleans Your Dirty Rotten Skivvies with the Push of a Button

Toss your dirty gear inside the Paqsule, press a button, and let this gym bag clean your clothes for you without any soap or water.
bicycle tour

Tour Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily By Bike, Following Your Stomach

Take a bicycle tour of Corsica, Sardinia & Sicily, taking every opportunity to sample local delicacies, view the incredible scenery, & take in the history.
mercedes-benz stadium

Atlanta’s New Mercedes-Benz Stadium Would Make Even the Ancient Romans Salivate

Atlanta's new Mercedes-Benz stadium, opening this summer, is an achievement of design that any sports fan — or architecture buff — can appreciate.