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Andy Cochrane

Andy Cochrane

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Andy is a freelance writer, producer, and photographer living nomadically with his dog Bea in Tacoma. He spends his free time roaming the west looking for good ramen and remote trails to run. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Andy’s work.

riding a bike during coronavirus pandemic self quarantine shelter in place man on the parking with face mask

Looking for Freedom in Quarantine? Try Riding a Bike

Riding a bike helps you get exercise, groceries, and a welcome bit of sanity. Here are 19 tips on how to get started biking.
Magda Boulet fitness tips

Unique Running Tips from Elite Ultramarathoner Magda Boulet

If you’re building a bridge, hire a civil engineer. If you’re getting a triple bypass, find an experienced surgeon. And if you’re trying to get fit in 2020, you can learn a lot from Magda Boulet.
ski gear winter preview pack  hyperlite mountain prism v2

6 Biggest Ski Gear Innovations to Look Forward to in Winter 2022

These are the biggest gear innovations to hit the slopes this winter 2022. Advancements range from performance, safety, and sustainability.
dirtbag style guide

Dirtbag Style Guide: 5 Lessons That Apply to Everyone

Without the luxuries of a room to stand up in, a bathroom mirror to shave in front of, or a closest larger than a pair of plastic bins, dirtbags are forced to think creatively about their clothes, facial hair, and general appearance. These constraints lend themselves to some innovative solutions.
trail running gear

The Best Men’s Trail Running Gear for Warm Weather

Addicted to endorphins, most runners find their way to trail running, whether that be the local park or something further away, in the mountains. At which point the only help we can offer is suggestions for the best trail running gear for men.
mountain hardwear ar app

Mountain Hardwear Is Bringing Augmented Reality to the Great Outdoors

Want to save a trip to the store for new outdoor gear? Mountain Hardwear has developed an augmented reality app to do just that.