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Andrew Couts

Former Digital Trends Contributor

5 Scotch Whiskies So Exclusive You Have to Fly to Buy Them

From Johnnie Walker's London Blue Label to Laphroaig's sherry-infused PX bottling, here are five scotch whiskies that you won't find easily in the U.S.
best irish whiskies st patricks day 2014 jameson whiskey 1920x1080

Top 5 best Irish whiskies

Top 5 best Irish whiskies to enjoy this St. Patrick's Day (and beyond).
gentlemans guide keeping st patricks day classy dsc 0044

A gentleman’s guide to keeping St. Patrick’s Day classy

Keep St. Patrick’s Day classy with good style, good drinks, and a bit of knowledge to show your respect for Irish history isn’t only skin deep.
3 best bottles bushmills irish whiskey

3 best bottles: Bushmills Irish Whiskey

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, here are the 3 best bottles of Bushmills Irish Whiskey.
5 custom motorcycles march 2022 lotus motorcyles c 01

5 Custom Motorcycles That Will Make You Sweat: March 2022

To get you fired up about the 2022 riding season, here is this month’s batch of the latest and greatest custom bikes from around the world.
laphroaig best whisky img 0554

3 best bottles: Laphroaig single malt Scotch whisky

If you’re just learning about Scotch now, or want to get adventurous with your next buy, here are the three best bottles Laphroaig makes.
blood sweat style qa motorbike mondays crew jarred brady dave feature

Blood, sweat, and style: Q&A with the ‘Motorbike Mondays’ crew

Interview with the Motorbike Mondays crew – Evan Grist, Brady Young, and Jarred DeArmas – to get their take on custom motorcycles, podcasting, and life.
Honda baby blue feature

5 custom motorcycles that will make you sweat: February 2014

Yes, it's winter – the perfect time to dream of custom motorcycles so sweet they could make a grown man weak in the knees.
zapped 950000 volt iphone case stun gun yellow jacket

I zapped myself with a 950,000-volt iPhone case stun gun

The Yellow Jacket iPhone 5/5S stun gun case delivers a 950,000-volt shock. There was only one thing to do: Put this puppy through the paces – on my own arm.