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Samsung’s incredible outdoor TV is heavily discounted

Samsung The Terrace outdoor-ready QLED smart TV lifestyle image on patio.

If you have a gorgeous patio, you should make use of it as much as possible. Eat meals out there, hang out by a fire pit with family, read a book on lazy Sunday mornings. Watching TV out there seems like an obvious option, but modern TVs and direct sunlight don’t mix very well. Most standard QLED or OLED TVs only get so bright, and they are easily obscured by the sun. Thankfully Samsung manufactures a TV for just such an occasion.

The Terrace, by Samsung, is built specifically for outdoor settings. They are extra bright, glare resistant, and weatherproof for the occasional sprinkle or humid day. They come with a hefty price tag though. But right now Samsung is having a sale on The Terrace models, with price cuts as steep as $3,000 off the 75-inch model. They’re still going to cost you several thousand, but for for a big purchase like this, any four-digit discount is something to be thankful for. Let’s walk through the advantages of an outdoor TV. You can also check out the sale for yourself at the link below.

Why you should buy a Samsung The Terrace QLED outdoor-ready TV

Thanks to QLED technology you get 100% color volume with the Quantum Dot system, for an incredibly clear and vibrant picture. But with most TVs, if you place them outside, even under shade or without direct sunlight, the picture is difficult to see, even at full brightness. That’s not the case here with Samsung’s The Terrace TVs, as they were made for the great outdoors. They come with IP55 dust and water resistance, but also wide-angle viewing angles and anti-glare support depending on what kind of sun exposure you can expect. You can choose between partial sun or full sun models, the latter meant for direct sunlight beaming down onto the screen.

Samsung The Terrace Partial Sun models come in , at $500 off, , at $1,000 off, and 75 inches, which is currently sold out. For the Full Sun variety, you can choose between at a whopping $3,500 off, or  at $4,000 off. Needless to say, those savings are incredible for any TV let alone someone you can use or mount outside.

Of course, they’re also smart TVs with streaming support right out of the box through Samsung’s Tizen platform. You can stream all your favorite shows or movies across Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Hulu, and much more. But what you’re more concerned with is the live sports and the next big game. Those are available through your preferred providers, like NFL Sunday Ticket. 4K AI upscaling ensures even standard high-definition content looks fantastic at all times. Plus, with tap-to-mirror functionality, you can beam your favorite mobile apps and content right to the TV with the tap of your phone — you will need a Samsung Galaxy device running a minimum of Android 8.1.

It doesn’t matter which model you choose; they’re all excellent for outdoor viewing. It’s also one of the best ways, bar none, to catch a game outside — in the comfort of your own home, with fresh air, lots of snacks, and cold beverages. You can also have some company join you for a great barbecue or sports party. It’s your call.

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