Giveaway: Premium Merino Wool Felt MacBook Case, Valet Tray, and Wine Carrier from Graf Lantz

Graf Lantz

Graf Lantz is all in on felt and its biodegradable, renewable, sustainable glory — and you should be too.

There’s so much more to felt than the soft, fuzzy exterior we’re all familiar with. It’s also naturally durable, moisture-wicking, and flame retardant, making it a powerhouse textile that really shines in the right design. Graf Lantz has known all of this for years, of course, which is why they’ve been harnessing the unique power of wool felt in their bags and home accessories since the beginning. The Los Angeles-based brand’s felt collection overflows with equal parts function (like the easily fold-able handles of their tote bins) and energizing, modern design (like the bold bursts of color from their coasters), which makes any product from Graf Lantz an art piece as much as an accessory.

With a new year just beginning, it’s the perfect time to revamp your space, rethink your style, and reorganize your life. The team at Graf Lantz wants to help you welcome the wonder of wool felt into your space. To kick off your collection, we’re giving away a set of three minimalist merino wool accessories that will inject your 2018 with fun, function, and a heavy dose of style.

Toto MacBook Pro 15” – $98

As felt connoisseurs, the Graf Lantz design team took note of the way the fabric has been used throughout history to store delicate tools and equipment and saw the perfect way to translate the idea into the world of tech. Enter their Toto MacBook Pro sleeve, made with 100% merino wool felt and a durable plastic zipper closure. The felt is soft enough to create a soft, cozy pocket for your laptop, but durable enough to create a strong, scratch-proof barrier against the outside world.

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Valet Tray – $65 

Keeping small items organized while traveling can be next to impossible. As you whip through airport security, hop in and out of your car, or weave through the streets on your bike, it’s easy to lose track of coins, keys, headphones, and a million other minuscule-but-must-have accessories. For Graf Lantz, this is just another opportunity for felt to step in and save the day. Their valet tray is made of 3mm merino wool felt that quickly and easily snaps together to protect your valuables on the run, and the interior features a lovely vegetable tanned leather accent.

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Solo Wine Carrier – $89

 Is there anything better than cracking open a bottle of wine and enjoying it among friends? Doing it in style. Graf Lantz’ solo wine carrier is made of beautiful 5mm merino wool felt. The clever little carrier holds one standard bottle up to champagne size, and the tan leather handle detaches so you can go from travel to table in seconds.

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One lucky winner will receive all three of these Graf Lantz accessories, all in beautiful matching granite gray felt. Enter below and soon you could be jump starting the New Year with the wonders of wool.

Images courtesy of Genevieve Poblano/The Manual.

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