Do Sunday Football Right

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Why wait until the Super Bowl to throw a touchdown style get-together with your friends when there is football every Sunday? If you are one of many that fall into the fantasy fiends category — which I plead the fifth to — then Sundays are always an event.

Do Sunday football right with these quick tips that will highlight your day, even if the New England Patriots beat your team by three points.

There are many ways to fully enjoy your football day off, but why settle for the majority when you can be the best. From finger-licking good food, to methods of adequate accommodation and superb high-definition viewing, make sure your Sundays are truly fun days.

Redzone, NFL TV packages

With NFL RedZone, Sunday Ticket, and Game Pass you will never miss a game again. This way you can stay up to date with your fantasy team and catch all the headlining games without being stuck with whatever is on FOX or ABC.


There’s nothing like chowing down on some finger food while watching your favorite team play. Besides, nobody wants to be stuck in the kitchen or at the grill on game days.  So, you can either throw a BYOF (bring your own food) potluck or take a stab at one of our recommended recipes– Artichoke wings.

Yes, they’re not the first things that come to mind when you think of fried goodies, but this veggie alternative is sure to make you remember why you loved wings in the first place. And, it won’t make you feel like you over-ate and ruined that workout from earlier in the day.

The recipe is simple. It’s best to use artichoke hearts. Then, cover them in flour, or flour and egg batter if you’re feeling southern. Toss them in a frying pan with some vegetable oil (or frying oil of your choosing) and let them sizzle to a crispy brown. Make sure to be careful when flipping each piece, though, as they tend to fall apart easily.

Other Dishes to Consider:

Mini Pizzas with Havarti and bacon – This one is extremely simple, taking only 3-4 ingredients and an oven or conventional oven. You only need english muffins, thin slices of Havarti cheese and freshly made thick cuts of bacon. Try this with some variation of a pesto sauce to spice things up.

Steak and Potato Kabobs Lets Dish Recipes has an awesome and fast-cooking idea for the grill, which can be done before the game or at half-time. It does require some substantial prep time, but these puppies are worth the hard work.

Viewing and Seating

It’s not only important to have enough seating for everyone to enjoy the game comfortably, but having the proper screen to make the game come alive. And we’re not saying to go out and buy a glorious, brand new TV. You can always set up get togethers at a buddy’s house. But if it does interest you, Amazon is offering a deal on a 40 inch Samsung LED TV for just $327 with free shipping

Beer and wine

The Food Network has a list of game day brews for every team. From a Jam Session brew by North Carolina’s NoDa Brewing to Minnesota’s Surly Brewing, there is a particular beer selection for every NFL team.


Turn the occasion into a fantasy league hub by inviting others who are in one of your leagues. This will not only make for a lively environment but it will also guarantee everyone attending is engaged and feeling it. Besides, having your buddy’s over to enjoy the game should be coined as one of America’s greatest leisure activities.

Cutlery and dishes

When feeding a group of hungry visitors, the cutlery and dishes can pile up to the point where no one will ever want to tackle them. We have two tips for this issue: use paper products or share the responsibility. Take the plates and dirty cooking pans, then hand the silverware and cups off to your significant other or another family member. Who knows, maybe a guest will be polite enough to offer dish duty for being such a good host.


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