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Try This: Baxter of California Pomade Mixer Kit

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Pomade has the power to make your hair go from blah to bold, thanks to its ability to tame flyaways, keep your hairstyle in place and make you look, well, handsome as ever. But which pomade do you choose? Do you go for one with a nice scent and a light hold, or for something stronger that’s unscented? Luckily, the folks at Baxter of California thought about the same problem, so they created the Pomade Mixer Kit, something that will solve all those issues. The Baxter of California Pomade Mixer Kit comes with four 15 ml — perfect for traveling — containers of the grooming label’s most popular hair pomades.

There’s Clay Pomade, which has a firm hold and a matte finish; Hard Water Pomade, which has a firm hold and shine finish; Cream Pomade, which has a light hold and natural finish; and Hard Cream Pomade, which has a firm hold and natural finish. That way, you can stash one in your weekender bag, one in your gym bag, and one at the office. Or, if you’re into experimenting, you can bring all of them with you and mix and match until you’ve discovered the perfect pomade for your hairstyling needs.

You can slick your hair back, do a side part and come it, or try out a dapper Don Draper hairdo. Want to do something funky? Spike it up and watch how it will make you the coolest guy in the room. So grab the Baxter of California Pomade Mixer kit for yourself, and get one for all your friends and family. That way, you can find your perfect pomade and graduate to a full-sized container!

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