The LogicInk Temporary Tattoo Let’s You Know When You’ve Had Too Much Sun

LogicInk is a temporary tattoo show you the accumulation of UV exposure on your skin throughout your day outside.

The tattoo is waterproof and safe for both kids and adults.

The intuitive design of the tattoo changes colors to track how much of your daily recommended UV limit has been reached (based on data from the World Health Organization). The outer circle turns pink when you reach the daily limit, so instead of guessing the best time to pack up the surfboards and coolers, you can see it clearly on your skin. The simple tattoo also tracks current exposure throughout the day with the inner circle slowly changing from purple to pink and the center dot turning white to lavender depending on how strong the sun is on your skin.

LogicInk is designed particularly for people with sensitive or fair skin, although it is applicable to anyone who has skin to begin with, since too much UV exposure can be damaging to all skin types.

logicink fake tattoo uv sun 3

Once the circle is about to turn completely pink, reapply your sunscreen, cover up, and pull out your beach umbrella.

But why should we care about UV?

UV radiation is both good and bad for the body, depending on the amount.

“Skin damage from UV rays is a key factor in the premature aging of your skin, and it increases your risk of skin cancer,” says Larry Weiss, M.D. At the same time, the WHO says “Some UV radiation is essential to the body as it stimulates the production of vitamin D. Vitamin D has an important function in increasing calcium and phosphorus absorption from food and plays a crucial role in skeletal development, immune function and blood cell formation.”

Much like whiskey, there’s a sweet spot where some is good, but too much is damaging.

logicink fake tattoo uv sun 2

LogicInk started as a Kickstarter project back by 459 people who pledged $27,107. Their goal was to create “programmable tattoos” that inform you about your body without the need for smartphone apps or bulky electronics.

And that’s exactly what they did. The LogicInk tattoo is easy to apply, nearly impossible to detect on your body throughout the day, and easy to understand. Right now they’re sold as a 10-pack for $39, 15-pack for $29, and 30-pack for $79. (Note: one tattoo lasts one day.)

While you don’t need a smartphone to use LogicInk, they do have an app where you scan your LogicInk tattoo at the end of the day to track exposure over a long period of time— in the way the Fitbit app tracks your steps and sleep, week-over-week.

What’s wicked cool is that LogicInk is just getting started in their development of intuitive skin tattoos.

The next concepts being developed are an alcohol biosensor that helps the wearer monitor alcohol consumption (if your brain and body can’t do that on its own based on your ‘spins’), and a pollution sensor to track our exposure to air pollutants and protect our lungs, skin, and overall health.

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