Juniper Ridge’s New Look

Juniper ridge
Juniper Ridge has a new look for fall. The rustic fragrance company has an updated rustic bottle that emphasizes the brands devotion to the wilderness.

The fragrance brand’s new bottles are as bold as their scents, and their story is even bolder – Juniper Ridge was founded by Hall Newbegin, a wilderness enthusiast in 1998. He spent countless hours harvesting plants and making natural fragrances from his kitchen and then selling his products at farmer’s markets in Berkeley and San Francisco.

The fragrance brand started to gain a following and the company has grown from Hall to a fifteen person operation. Hiking and foraging enthusiasts uniting to create great scents! Although the business has expanded, the brand sticks to their roots – making their signature scents from the mountains and deserts they love.

Now let’s discuss the updated designs. The Backpacker’s Cologne, Trail Soap and Cabin Sprays are encased in glass bottles that feature trail paintings by the company’s chief storyteller Obi Kaufmann. The colognes and soaps are also topped off with a hand-carved wooded cap (created in their Oakland workshop of course).

Along with the new designs, Juniper Ridge is also releasing two fragrances, Mojave –a snapshot of the brands favorite trail through the Mojave desert (desert cedar, leather and tonic) and Sierra Granite, which evokes the scents of a cabin in the woods.

Juniper Ridge distills their colognes and perfumes from everything nature has to offer – bark, moss, mushrooms, tree trimmings and plants you’ve never heard of. It’s an expedition in a bottle.

Check out everything Juniper Ridge has to offer and their new designs at their website

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