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Men’s Hairstylist Daniel Alfonso Talks His Favorite Hair Products

Daniel Alfonso, Men's Salon
National Men’s Grooming Day is August 19th and while The Manual typically calls bullshit on these silly holidays, this one is right up our alley. In celebration of this undoubtedly superficial, but fantastically sex-equalizing holiday (where men can celebrate grooming just as openly as women), we profiled one of the hottest men’s salons in Los Angeles, Daniel Alfonso Men’s Salon and its owner and hairstylist, Daniel Alfonso.

With celebrity clients running the gamut from G-Easy to Jonah Hill, Alfonso’s A-list style and skill are sought after by guys from all walks of life whether they be Hollywood heros or Brentwood Suits. Alfonso started out as a teen cutting his friends’ hair in his parents’ garage and immediately understood that he had found his calling. After acquiring his full cosmetology license, he discovered his talent and love of styling men’s hair, leading him to open his eponymous salon. Alfonso’s skill at creating both classic and retro styles along with more modern, edgy looks earns him the accolades from the Los Angeles grooming community.

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We teamed up with Alfonso to bring you his top picks for National Men’s Grooming Day. Consider this your new hair care kit:

Daniel AlfonsoDaniel Alfonso Recommends:

  1. For my clients with beards I like Beard Paw – which are on-the-go, all-natural wipes that rid unwanted residues and scents from a man’s facial hair after eating, drinking and smoking.  Grape-seed and aloe oils condition and the scent features eucalyptus and cedar. Super convenient.
  2. I alternate between Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner (Conditions and Hydrates especially for colored hair) and Brazilian Blowout Acai Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner (maintain and care for Brazilian Blowout).
  3. I use Moroccan Oil Intense Hydration Masque once a week for a deep condition, just to keep things soft and smooth.
  4. Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion adds and controls the natural waves in my hair.
  5. Keving Murphy Free Hold – Medium hold styling cream that adds texture and offers a piecier look to my hair.
  6. Wahl Rechargeable Magic Clip For trimming mustache and beard — this tool is high precision and offers superior speed and ease of use.
Daniel Alfonso Men's Salon
Daniel Alfonso Men’s Salon

You can find more of Alfonso’s work on his Youtube channel and in his Los Angeles salon:
Daniel Alfonso Men’s Salon
7465 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 424-3725

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