The Five Top Fragrance Picks From Elements

five top fragrance picks elements fragrances

This one is for those of you who are looking for a fragrance that stands out from the sea of scents you can find at the department store. The Manual visited the most recent edition of Elements to find five colognes that you should get your nose on.

Aperture Ulrich Lang
This new scent by Ulrich Lang has top notes of pink, white and black pepper, middle notes of tobacco, jasmine and cedar wood, and hints of musk and amber, for an alluring proactive scent.
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Portland General Store Whiskey Cologne
Feel good about yourself when you put on this fragrance; it’s vegan and 85 percent organic. This hand-blended concoction isn’t made from your favorite spirit; it’s a blend of deep wood and amber, and an unexpected hint of spice and floral complexity.
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Illuminum’s #234 With Tom Wolfe
The iconic writer behind the novel Bonfire of the Vanities collaborated on Illuminum for #234, a grassy mix of Haitian vetiver, jasmine, mandarin, nutmeg, neroli, Calabrian bergamot, coco, Egyptian geranium and French fennel.
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Escrimeur by Detaille
This citrus-based fragrance starts with bergamot and orange is infused with rosemary and lavender, and finished with vetiver, cedar, and sandalwood and a hint of spice with cardamom for a divine experience named for the French word for fencer.
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Antiga Barbearia de Bairro Ribeira de Porto
This Portuguese scent combines port wine with woodsy and citrus notes for an intoxicating, yet refreshing fragrance.
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