Cologne Inspired by Man’s Best Friend

Bawston and Tucker
Andrew Schutt gives his Boston Terrier, Tucker, all the credit for inspiring his new company, Bawston & Tucker.

“Tucker hates being sprayed,” says Schutt. “I wanted to create something to rub on his ears to make him smell good.”

That goal led Schutt to research ingredients that would be safe for animals, but in the process of developing his product he realized he had created something that he would wear. He now single handedly produces small batches of three varieties of solid cologne for men. Stored in a stylish tin, the cologne is convenient to take anywhere—from dropping in a gym bag to carrying to the office.

Schutt created the company in February in his Florence, Alabama home and has only received rave reviews with orders coming in from across the country and Canada.

The three varieties, each priced at $15, all have American Indian themes reflecting the heritage of the Shoals. They include:

Aroostook – This is the Native American word for “good rivers.” As a solid cologne, it hints of the aroma of wooded banks beside the winding water with a base of patchouli mingled with jasmine and rosemary.

Motega – The inspiration for this scent is a warrior’s arrow. It’s quick, lethal and precise. Crafted from rich cardamom, mandarin and black pepper combined with a base of sandalwood and myrrh.

Tuskalusa – Named after the “Black Warrior,” this cologne offers a base of Tonka bean and Guiac woods, which are enhanced by citrus and olive flower.

“A lot of men don’t like cologne because it can be overwhelming if you spray too much,” explains Schutt. “With a solid cologne you can control it better. You can put on pulse points and you can actually rub on your beard if you want to.”

As he works to build his company, Schutt hasn’t forgotten Tucker and the original inspiration. “I plan in the future to do a dog line,” he says, “but I want it to be a more simple fragrance.”

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