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Celebrate America with the Return of the Old Camp Whiskey Patriot Pack

For the second summer in a row, Old Camp Whiskey, which was started by Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of the multi-platinum pop-country duo Florida Georgia Line,  is bringing back special packaging that celebrates all things America while also supporting service members and their families.

The Patriot Pack is about America as can be. While the contents inside are the same — it is still the same 35% alcohol by volume Peach Pecan whiskey that the brand has been selling since 2016 — the outside has been changed to be more patriotic.

old pack whiskey patriot pack 2019
Old Camp Whiskey

Starting, necessarily, with a star-spangled wrap, the bottle also features lyrics from the song “May We All,” which features country legend Tim McGraw. (A sampling of those lyrics, for those not in the country know: “May we all get to grow up in our red, white and blue little town/Get a one-star hand-me-down Ford to try and fix up.”)

The special edition bottle is also a nod to a partnership with the United Service Organizations (USO), a nonprofit that supports America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country throughout their service to the nation. (You may have heard of USO shows before.)

“We are excited to be working with Old Camp Whiskey and Florida Georgia Line and are glad to officially be a part of their camp. We appreciate their support of our service members and their families and thank them for their assistance in increasing awareness of the USO and our important mission,” Lisa Anastasi, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer of the USO said in a statement.

The decision to partner with the USO and release the special edition Patriot Pack was simply for the members of Florida Georgia Line.

“Several members of my family have served in the military. My grandfather was awarded the Purple Heart in World War II and he passed away before I was born. His life story has always inspired me and I have so much respect for the bravery, resilience, and commitment that our armed forces have. To be able to support our troops in this way is a true honor,” Brian Kelley said in a statement.

The Old Camp Whiskey Patriot Pack is available at select retailers nationwide for around $20.

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