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Spice Up Your Swing with Bill Murray’s New Golf Apparel Line

It’s a messed up world we live in, folks. We’re beset on every side by forces that seem to be spinning out of our control. Climate change. Pandemics. Toilet paper shortages. But just when you think there is no hope left, there is Bill Murray.

bill murray with a golf ball in mouth

Over the years, the screwball comic spawned by 1970s improv theater rose to standby character actor, then Hollywood legend, and now to … can we say “modern saint”? His habit of showing up randomly around the country, with the sole apparent purpose of brightening someone’s day with a story no one will ever believe, gives the rest of us a reason to believe in a better tomorrow. And also a reason to keep watching Bill Murray movies.

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Of course, there’s no knowing when or where a Murray sighting might occur. So to keep the spirit of Bill Murray with you always, there is now William Murray Golf.

corner pocket polo in white from william murray collection
Corner Pocket Polo in White

You read that right. Chicago’s goofiest son, along with his five brothers, has founded a line of golf apparel. Inspired by the brothers’ early days as caddies in Chicago’s northern suburbs, the collection is designed around performance, mobility, and comfort as you roam the links. Reflecting on those days, Brian Doyle Murray, Bill’s brother and fellow performer, writes in a press release, “Growing up as a caddy, I realized the game revealed a lot about the person I was caddying for.” That seems to be part of the ethos that guides William Murray Golf, which was created on the notion that life and golf don’t have to be so serious.

cracking up shorts from william murray collection
Cracking Up Shorts

Still, don’t get any ideas of some rinky-dink line of ’80s-inspired novelty wear. Bill Murray might be silly about a lot of things, but when it comes to his favorite sport, he’s as serious as Carl Spackler is about rodent management.

That said, the William Murray Golf Collection rides a razor’s edge just this side of club-appropriate. With polos and shorts covered in everything from outsize azaleas (a nod to the iconic Augusta National Golf Club) to movie references that include Caddyshack, What About Bob, and Groundhog Day. We’re particularly drawn to a Spackler-style bucket hat in the Murray family tartan, a plaid that shares a Highland pedigree with the sport in question. (No word yet on whether the hat comes with a free bowl of soup.) Even the brand’s collection of business casual wear, while surprisingly sophisticated, literally has a laugh up its sleeve, like this understated blazer with cartoonish lining and neon grommets that beg a double-take.

chicas n floritas white polo from william murray collection
Chicas n’ Floritas White Polo

A sneak peek at the new collection for spring 2020 has us daydreaming about our own Cinderella story. The “Just a Trim” polo pays loving tribute to the workforce that labors behind the scenes to keep golf courses pristine, with a series of zigzag patterns that trace back to a tireless groundskeeper on a riding mower. The mix of magnolia and dogwood blooms on the “Southern Charm” button-down are an homage to Bill’s adopted hometown of Charleston, SC. But our fave has to be the “Not Playing Around” series, featuring a slew of Murray characters — Carl Spackler, Dr. Peter Venkman, Steve Zissou — joining forces in pursuit of Caddyshack‘s devious gopher.

just a trim polo on golfer
Just a Trim Polo

The fabrics in each piece are engineered for leisure performance, better known in the Murray clan as the “I could nap in this” test. Polos are built from 4-way stretch jersey matte with SFP 50 protection for those sweltering days in St. Augustine. Shorts are equipped with an internal drawstring, hidden internal snap and mesh pockets, just in case a stray ball or one too many daiquiris sends you stumbling into a water trap. Come on — you expected the same old muted polo from the guy who quoted Sartre at a gopher?

Looking great and having a fun story to share is as important as performing on the course. In fact, they may be inextricably linked. As Bill Murray is wont to say, “The more relaxed you are, the better you are at everything.” Whether you’re a devoted golfer, a determined noob, or prefer to enjoy the view from the sand traps, William Murray Golf is the perfect way to create your very own tradition like no other.

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