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These 4 Walmart Cyber Monday TV Deals Probably Won’t Last

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With Cyber Monday now in full swing, there’s a whole world of Walmart Cyber Monday TV deals to explore. There’s bound to be ample vacation time around the corner. Maybe you plan to spend it livestreaming some UFC fights, maybe immersing yourself in some gorgeous anime adventures, or maybe serving alongside the heroes of some of the best war movies of all time. Whatever your upcoming binge-watching may be, a new 4K TV will make a nice centerpiece for the adventure, and these Cyber Monday TV deals at Walmart are the best you’ll find today.

Today’s Best Walmart Cyber Monday TV Deals

  • Sceptre 43-inch 4K LED TV — 
  • Vizio 55-inch V-Series 4K LED Smart TV — 
  • Samsung 60-inch 4K LED Smart TV — 
  • LG 75-inch 4K LED Smart TV — 

Sceptre 43-inch 4K LED TV — $198, was $248

Sceptre 43 Class 4K UHD LED TV HDR with a waterfall scene on the display.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • Beautiful 43-inch screen
  • Ultra HD resolution
  • True 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio
  • Multiple HDMI ports

The Sceptre 43-inch 4K LED TV transforms entertainment into an epic adventure. There aren’t many large 4K TVs you’ll find at this price point, let alone 4K TVs that can produce such an amazing picture. The Sceptre 43-inch 4K TV presents unequaled color and clarity and provides more natural and lifelike images than other 4K TVs of this size. HDR technology brings your movie-going to life and your sports gatherings to the forefront of everyone’s weekend calendar.

The Sceptre 43-inch 4K TV’s HDMI ports are equipped with HDMI 2.0 ports, which let your stream 4K video from gaming consoles and other external devices. This makes an amazing centerpiece for your home entertainment setup, acting as a high-resolution portal to movies, TV shows, sporting events, and video game sessions. Streaming services are even built right in, including the most popular platforms such as Netflix, Start, Google Play, Disney+, Hulu, and Apple TV. With the Sceptre 43-inch 4K TV, you can host like a champ this holiday season or kick back like a king.

Vizio 55-inch V-Series 4K LED Smart TV — $428, was $492

VIZIO 55 Class V-Series 4K UHD LED SmartCast Smart TV HDR displaying streaming apps.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • Beautiful 4K picture
  • Large screen, but not overbearing
  • Voice remote included
  • WatchFree+ provides free access to hundreds of TV channels

One of the best 4K TV value plays this Cyber Monday is the Vizio 55-inch 4K LED Smart TV. Highlighting the spec sheet is epic 4K picture quality that’s backed by full array backlighting and Dolby Vision HDR. An IQ Active processor brings next-generation speed and power to the Vizio 55-inch 4K Smart TV, adding astonishing detail and vibrancy to your viewing experience. And of course, the actual size of the screen itself is just right, coming in at 55 inches, which is large enough to immerse you in anything but not so large that it’ll dominate the room when it’s turned off.

For any gamers looking for a new window on their gaming, the Vizio 55-inch 4K Smart TV includes multiple HDMI ports for console connectivity, and features a V-Gaming Engine that automatically makes the latest console gameplay more responsive with Auto Game Mode and the V-Series lowest input lag. WatchFree+ allows you to watch hundreds of channels of live TV that include news, sports, movies, and TV shows without logins, subscriptions, or fees. Compatibility with Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast are built right into the Vizio 55-inch 4K Smart TV, as is integration with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, making it a great addition to your smart home.

Samsung 60-inch 4K LED Smart TV — $508, was $598

SAMSUNG 60 Class 4K Crystal UHD LED Smart TV with HDR displayed a desert scene.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • Beautiful 60-inch screen
  • Automatically upscales lower resolution content
  • Tons of smart features, including Tizen OS
  • Minimalist design with cable management

The Samsung TU7000 60-inch 4K Smart TV is the big screen TV for whatever you may want to watch. Pure Color fine-tunes color while HDR steps the color gamut into millions of shades, far beyond what any HDTV can offer. The Samsung TU7000 is perfect for all the moviegoers out there, as it automatically upscales lower resolution content, presenting all of the old classics with the stunning clarity and immersion of movies and TV shows made today. This is achieved by a Crystal Processor 4K, an ultra-fast processor that transforms everything you watch into stunning 4K in real time. A minimalist design keeps the Samsung TU7000’s screen front and center, almost eliminating bezels and keeping your eye drawn to your content.

The Samsung TU7000 is also powered by Samsung’s Tizen OS, which takes smart TVs to the next level by allowing you to stream your favorite content and access apps with easy control. An included Universal Guide feature also provides a list of curated content from all of your favorite broadcast and streaming channels, personalized just for you, so you can easily find something of interest to watch. A sleek and slim One Remote that’s included with the Samsung TU7000 automatically detects compatible connected devices, making the Samsung TU7000 one of the smartest, most beautiful, and most convenient options for your home theater.

LG 75-inch 4K LED Smart TV — $848, was $948

LG 75 Class 4K UHD 2160P Smart TV with streaming apps displayed across the bottom and a mountain scene screensaver.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • Large screen for the viewing enthusiast
  • Beautiful 4K image
  • Support for HDR10
  • Tons of smart features, including Filmmaker Mode

The LG 75-inch 4K LED Smart TV is a feature-packed TV that will turn heads in any room in the house. It produces a gorgeous 4K picture that rivals any other 4K TV of its size. HDR10 and HLG formats offer stunning clarity and contrast to your viewing experience. A quad-core processor combines with low input lag to keep fast-paced action movies, sporting events, and video game sessions from stuttering or breaking apart. And while it brings a full range of power, speed, and clarity to your home theater, the hardware specs of the LG 75-inch 4K Smart TV aren’t even what’s most worth bragging about.

The LG 75-inch 4K Smart TV is a smart TV, after all, and among the most impressive smart TV inclusions are things like access to the Apple TV app, Disney+, Netflix, and other streaming services. The LG 75-inch 4K LED Smart TV has a sports alert feature as well, which gives you updates on your favorite teams, start times, and scores, even if you’re watching something else entirely. It also features a Filmmaker Mode for all the film buffs out there, a setting that respects the filmmaking craft and automatically adjusts the TV’s picture and processor settings to present movies as the filmmakers intended. The LG 75-inch 4K Smart TV is a perfect fit for any room, and for any viewer.

When Do These Walmart Cyber Monday TV Deals End?

While the standing operating procedure is that Cyber Monday deals end upon Tuesday’s arrival, there’s really no telling when a Cyber Monday deal might end. Inventories will continue to drain as long as a deal is out in the wild, causing most of these 4K TVs to eventually sell out. It’s always best to make a purchase right now, while you know a deal is being offered, and while you know your item is still in stock.

Additionally, retailers can, and often do, end Cyber Monday deals without notice. The best Cyber Monday advice is to avoid the possibility of missing out on a deal by acting while one is sitting right in front of you. So grab yourself a new 4K TV with any one of these deals from Walmart, and get it set up as part of your home theater pronto.

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