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This Dashing Typewriter Can Compose Digital Works

If you’ve ever written on a typewriter, you probably cringe every time you use a normal laptop or modern computer. The sound, the feel — there’s no comparing the two. Unfortunately in the real world, using a typewriter to draft emails and complete expense reports is impossible … until now.

qwerkywriter 1
Image courtesy of Qwerkytoys
Image courtesy of Qwerkytoys

Launched in 2014 on Kickstarter, Qwerkywriter ($299) is a vintage-feel mechanical keyboard inspired by the classic typewriter. The main difference: it wirelessly connects to your devices —  tablet, monitor, or even iPhone — and functions as a keyboard.

“It started out in my garage as a simple passion project,” says Qwerkywriter creator and founder of Qwerkytoys Brian Min. “I was discontent with the vanilla aesthetic of most electronic products I used so I thought, why not make my own?”

The result is a modern piece of writing machinery worthy of Ernest Hemingway, Orson Welles, Jack London, Mark Twain, Cormac McCarthy, and Tennessee Williams — all notorious for writing on traditional typewriters. It’s also going straight to our office desk to make the space a little more dashing. (Here are more simple yet classy office décor ideas)

But is this modern remake as sturdy as the old thing? Heck yeah, it is.

The Qwerkywriter S (the newest edition) is made of a chassis body constructed entirely out of a scratch-resistant aluminum alloy for super durability. Beautiful typewriter-inspired keycaps make for stable typing and clean precision thanks to automotive-grade electroplating.

As for the other keys you’re used to on regular computers, the signature all metal macro programmable Return Bar on the Qwerkywriter defaults to the “enter” key but can also be programmed for up to 15 characters to generate signatures and carry out copy, cut, and paste commands.

Qwerkywriter also eliminates the need for a grimy mouse as dual-function knobs control your mouse on the left and the voluem on the left. We’ve fallen in love with this minute detail, perfect for deterring us from checking Facebook for the third time as we write the next great American novel … or another feature for yours truly, The Manual.

Not included in the spec sheet is the sensation you get typing on a faux typewriter. It’s transporting and elevating, giving your words a little old-school gruff. Qwerkywriter is the perfect balance of modern and throwback. All that’s missing in our set-up is a new office chair …

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