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This Mexico City Condo is a Minimalist Oasis

Ruben Dario Condo

With the fear of the pandemic and a sudden emphasis on disinfecting our whole lives, there’s been an increase in homes going for that crisp, clean minimalist look. But you don’t have to strip things down to clean-room levels. Ruben Dario Residence shows that minimalist spaces can still be cozy.

Located on the seventh floor of an apartment building in the heart of Polanco, Mexico City, Ruben Dario offers upscale luxury in an understated package. The crisp, bright home is at once clean and comfortable, stylish and welcoming. It’s all thanks to the talented design team at Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

One of the keys to making a home feel less like a prison during quarantine and more like a peaceful retreat is to build a strong connection to the outdoors. With a nearby park visible from the apartment, the folks at PPAA set out to make that the focal point and design inspiration. Starting with the balcony, everything from the flooring to the walls to the artwork flows seamlessly from the outdoors in. Walls of glass slide closed to protect the balcony from the elements, or can fully open to turn it into an open-air space. A glass railing allows for an unobstructed view of the park.

Want the sun on your face? Ruben Dario features several open balconies around the perimeter for outdoor lounging. Several of the rooms feature walls of glass that frame views of the park. A grand formal dining room off of the main sitting area is flanked by picture windows on either end, filling the space with natural light. 

Stepping inside from any of the patios, the home has the classic art gallery vibe that is typical of contemporary minimalist spaces. And indeed, it is a mini art gallery for the owner. With a variety of pieces that cover everything from modernist to impressionist to Renaissance-era replicas, those white walls are the perfect backdrop for the carefully displayed collection.

While the walls and art may sound like this is a stark and quiet place where one cannot make noise or messes, quite the opposite is true. PPAA carefully selected furnishings that spoke to comfort and luxury. This is a place to unwind, kick off your shoes, and relax with a book or a movie in the media room. 

If you need some next-level luxury, head to the master bathroom for a soak in the tub. Situated under a large, south-facing window, the soaking tub offers great views outside and plenty of sunshine during the day. At night, get a glimpse of the stars while you unwind in the hot water with a glass of some top-shelf whiskey. After all, it’s a pandemic, and with all of this stress, you deserve to treat yourself.

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