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The Video Round Up: October 31st 2015

Video Round Up
The Video Round Up is a new series highlighting videos and multimedia content that caught our eyes. Getting stoked on travel, good food, and extreme sports is best when shared with friends, so we’ll be posting a bi-weekly series on our favorite videos we find from every corner of the web. Have a tip or some awesome footage? Shoot an email to


PAKPOD super-versatile tripod (KICKSTARTER project movie preview)

We received this fun little product in the mail a few weeks ago to test during Pakpod’s Kickstarter. Since then, our pakpod has been hung from bridges while fly fishing, wedged into narrow cracks on gnarly rock climbing routes, and stashed in our day packs every single day. The genius is in the stake design – each leg can grab onto just about anything, and lock down, providing you more versatility in getting the right shot in tight spaces or less than cooperative weather. Originally designed with underwater shooters in mind, this mighty little tripod will become an indispensable tool for seasoned pros and amateurs alike.

Sony Action Cams: Travis Pastrana

Action Cam | Legend of Action Sports - Travis Pastrana | Sony

You’re probably familiar with Sony’s new action cams from our very first Round Up and behind the scenes look at Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream film. Sony continues to march on and recently signed action sports legend Travis Pastrana to the team. We can’t wait to see what his Nitro Circus crew comes up with, so stay tuned for some craziness.

Cannibal Canyon

Cannibal Canyon | Downhill Skateboarding on Donner Pass

Sector 9 Longboards and Redbull Media found a group of longboarders crazy enough charge down the 2.4 miles of Highway 40 through Donner Pass, CA. With top speeds of up to fifty miles an hour, and a total elevation change of more than 2,000 feet, this race to the bottom is way beyond our meager abilities on a board.

Birchbox’s Movember Ball Exam

7 Guys Perform a Testicular Self-Exam On Camera (SFW)

Not going to lie, watching this video made us feel more than a little awkward. Birchbox is an official partner in the Movember, so they are invested in keeping every man healthy, one testicle at a time. While don’t advise that you take a video of your own cancer screening, you should definitely check out their Movember Survival Kit while you get ready to grow your stache for the next few weeks.

Tactivate Wingsuite World Record

Tactivate Wingsuit World Record Attempt for Special Operations Warrior Foundation

On November 11th Jimmy Petrolia, a retired USAF Pararescueman, will jump out of a plane from above 30,000 feet in an attempt to break multiple wingsuit world records. His stunt is not just for bragging rights, but will raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which provides support for the children of American Special Operations personnel who fall in the line of duty. Our hats are off to Jimmy and the entire Tactivate team. We’ll be following his efforts closely.

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