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The Video Round Up: October 17th 2015

Video Round Up
The Video Round Up is a new series highlighting videos and multimedia content that caught our eyes. Getting stoked on travel, good food, and extreme sports is best when shared with friends, so we’ll be posting a bi-weekly series on our favorite videos we find from every corner of the web. Have a tip or some awesome footage? Shoot an email to

The Story of Recycled Down – Episode 2: Collect

The Story of Recycled Down - Episode 2: Collect | Nau 2015

You may remember Nau’s series on recycled down from our very first video round up. They are back at it in this second installation, detailing how they source and inspect goose and duck down from many second hand clothing sources. After being inspectede for waste (it seems that some retailers pass off inferior chicken feathers as down), the sorted down is further separated by quality so that it can be treated for recycling. Stay tuned for the final episode soon.

My Dear, My Darling

Barton Perreira "My Dear, My Darling". 2015 Campaign

Barton Perriera’s fall collection is excellently showcased in this short. Whether you’re cruising ina convertible or jumping from a plane in pursuit of a pretty face, these sunglasses are seriously cool. Just be careful what pair you pick, as it might mean the difference between getting the girl and being left on the road side. Although that may not be such a bad fate, if you’ve got a fast bike and a pair of Barton’s on.

Dewar’s 360

Dewar’s: Scratched Cask 360° Virtual Reality Experience

This virtual reality dive into Dewar’s new Scratched Cask project is quite simply a work of art. Using advanced 360 degree cameras, Dewar’s takes us behind the scenes in their production process from the building, charring, and scratching of each cask, to the aging of the blended Scotch. There’s not much more we can say. Watch the video, and then go find a bottle of Scratched Cask.

Life Beyond Walls: Alaska

Life Beyond Walls - Alaska

Smith Optics celebrated their 50th anniversary this year. As part of the party, the “Life Beyond Walls’ video series explores all the professions and recreation that Smith influences from a behind the scenes perspective. In this epeisode filmed on location in Alaska, Xavier De La Rue and Ralph Backstrom ski some of the biggest lines in the world. Sit back and let your jaw drop.

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