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The Gentleman’s Guide to Being Single on Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and everyone in love is getting ready to spend the day with their significant other. Hooray for them. They’ll be getting tables at restaurants, having drinks at bars, and forgetting about the rest of the world around them as they stare lovingly (or drunkenly) into each others eyes.

But what happens when you’re alone on Valentine’s Day? You could A) seethe with white hot rage against everyone who has found love when you’ve looked in every hopeless place for it or, you could take the high road and B) treat yo’self like the gentleman that you are.

For some, that’s going to mean lighting up a cigarette, cracking every beer in a six-pack (maybe even these new light beers from Kona), and binge-watching Mindhunter on Netflix. For others, though, the thought of being single on Valentine’s Day might not be as easy. Maybe a long relationship ended. Maybe the person just hasn’t met the certain someone yet but are desperate to do so.

Whatever camp you fall in, as a single person on Valentine’s Day, take the day to celebrate the hell out of yourself. To do that, we’ve got a couple suggestions for you:

1. Do Something Nice for Yourself

Today is about you, so really make it count. Call into work sick and go get a massage or a nice beard trim. Buy something that you’ve wanted for a while but couldn’t convince yourself to pick up under other circumstances (maybe this nice bottle of whisky would do). Eat only the marshmallows in the Lucky Charms. Doing something nice for yourself can take the whole day, or it can take a few minutes, depending on what it is, but since no one else is going to be doing it, you might as well.

We realize that may sound a bit depressing, but think of it this way. No one knows you like you. You’re not going to run the risk of getting a crappy gift from yourself, like you might with someone who thinks they know the real you.

2. Make Yourself Something Nice

If you’re alone, no one is going to judge you for what you eat or drink. That being said, go big while you’re already home. This cheese tower from Murray’s Cheese is for two, but who cares?  Let’s be real, a single, driven individual could totally eat all three levels.

cheese tower

If you’re going to be pounding down a mountain of cheese, you’re going to need something to go with that. First, you’ll probably want these pasta chips from Vintage Italia. They’re made from pasta and come in a variety of flavors. Then, you’ll need some wine to wash it down with. When it comes to whites, try picking up this Chaleur Blanc from DeLille Cellars in Washington State. A Bordeuax-style blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, it is complex, tropical, and delicious. For reds, check out this Cabernet Franc from Stinson Vineyards in Virginia. Medium-bodied and chock full of spicy tannins, this hybrid grape may be your new favorite.

If wine isn’t your thing and you want cocktails, we’ve got you covered here.

3. Smoke’em If You’ve Got’em

There’s nothing quite as gentlemanly as smoking a cigar. If you’ve never done it, and were curious, now seems like a pretty good time to try one out. Kick off your shoes, pour a glass of Scotch and light one up. Don’t know what you’re doing? You could check out this list, Cigar Aficionado’s top cigars of 2017.

4. Assemble Your Fellow Singles

hanging out with friends

Another great way to quash loneliness is to blow the horn of Gondor and gather your single friends (NOTE: Owning a horn of Gondor may have something to do with your single status). Though you may not be ensnared in a web of romantic love at the moment, there are folks out there who love you and enjoy your company. You might invite some folks over for a games night, poker night, or just a casual get-together. If you’re itching to get out, take your friends bowling, bar-hopping, to the local cinema, or on some other excellent adventure. You aren’t the only one sailing the high seas of singlehood—if you beckon, others will climb aboard the H.M.S. Friendship.

5. Do Something Kind of Crazy

You may not be able truly go nuts, seeing as Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday, but you can still do something a bit crazy on your lunch break or after work that’ll make up for the fact that you’re going to be kicking it in the company of just yourself. First, see if you can knock off an item on your bucket list. If you don’t have a bucket list, make one (Here’s some of our favorite buck list items). The joy of being single is that you can do whatever you want. Literally. We wouldn’t suggest doing something illegal, but short of that, the world is your oyster.

As you contemplate this upcoming Valentine’s Day, consider the following questions: Who always knows what you’re thinking? Who knows precisely what you’ve been through? Who has always been there for you? That’s right, it’s YOU! So use this February 14th as an excuse to reaffirm your love for yourself. You’ve earned it.

This article was updated February 8, 2018 by Sam Slaughter. 

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