Set the Scene with the New Cask Candle

set scene new cask candle ronin
Want to impress a date with a romantic candlelit evening? We’ve found a candle we love that not only sets the scene, but also fills the air with an aroma you’ll both enjoy.

The new Cask Candle offers up a floral-whiskey scent highlighted with patchouli, cedar woods and vanilla. It’s also crafted from soy wax, which means it will burn cleaner than paraffin and be easier on the planet.

This new candle is the second collaboration between Baxter of California and Ronin, a Hong Kong based restaurant established in 2013. It’s a sister restaurant to Yardbird, also in Hong Kong.

“I had the pleasure of meeting with RONIN (and Yardbird) co-owner Lindsay Jang last year when she was in Los Angeles,” says JP Mastey, creative director at Baxter. “At that time Lindsay was purchasing Baxter of California hand wash and candles for her restaurants. Our first venture was a black currant hand wash (BOC & RONIN co-branded) that we launched in the Summer of 2013, while developing a unique and custom scent for a new candle.”

$35 for the Cask Candle at Baxter of California.

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