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Scott Sanders on How to Create a Stylish Bachelor Pad

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Interior designer Scott Sanders knows all about how to keep interiors stylish, yet functional.He helped Ralph Lauren launch his interior design business, conceptualized the decor for several well-known hotels, including the newly renovated Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, and DC’s Capitol Skyline Hotel which are both owned by Mera and Don Rubell. His signature “New American” style of decor takes inspiration from his travels around the world, fusing them with classic American touches. We tapped Sanders for a two-part series. This week, he gives you five tips on how to create a sleek bachelor pad.

  • Bachelor pads are notoriously cluttered, and clutter is a success killer. Keep it clean – less is more! Get rid of the college furniture, trophies and last night’s cocktail party. However, there may still be hope for your baseball card collection. Displayed as one massive installation, it become a distinctive and unique art piece that sparks conversation, proclaims individuality and personalizes the space.  Building an art collection doesn’t have to be about acquiring new pieces, inspiration can come from displaying items from one’s childhood or family history; it can sometimes be humorous, but always celebratory. A collection of artist’s smaller sculptures gathered over time, or even a wall of black and white family photographs from past summers, mixed with classic movie scenes, can become “Cool Collections.”
  •  Bedrooms Beyond. The bedroom should be a total sanctuary from the everyday, featuring different colors, themes and a feel that is separate from the rest of the home.  If the home is designed in warm and bright tones, the dusky muted tones in the bedroom signal a toning-down of the energy.  Investing in high quality bedding and layering pillows in a mix of fabrics, creates a luxurious and calming retreat.  And make your bed every morning! You never know who will be seeing it later!!!
  •  A bachelor pad is not a 24-hour gym. Don’t park your bike in the living room!  Sports equipment should be kept in a closet or spare bedroom. Use this new-found space to include a must have for any bachelor pad: The New Mini-bar!
  • You should be ready at any time to host a cocktail party!  Unique takes on mini-bars in key spots of a living room or den, signal and encourages social mixing. A fully stocked bar allows you to be ready at a moment’s notice.  In addition to liquor, mixers, and wine, be sure to include a collection of vintage and modern glassware, cocktail napkins, and one piece rich with personality, such as an antique decanter or vintage martini shaker.  Mini-bars can run the gamut from classic to modern, or can be a mix of both. For example, a large antique mirror can be placed over a mid-century low cabinet and outfitted with a pop-art colored large tray of curated bar glassware.
  • A bachelor’s kitchen shows the way to his foodie heart. The best coffee/espresso machine you can afford is a must.  After that, any other upgrades are just ‘icing on the cake’. Mixing luxe finishes with unusual surfaces for leads to high function and style: granite countertops over high gloss lacquered cabinets (think automotive paint!) accented with stainless steel tile backsplashes, elevate the look of the whole kitchen.  You may never want to eat out again!

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