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Ride Back to the Future on a Classy E-Bike from Vintage Electric

Vintage Electric e-bike
The summer was made for riding bikes. The sunshine and breeze can stir euphoria in almost anyone. Sadly, too many people are deterred by the effort involved with riding a bike. Thanks to Vintage Electric — an  electric bike brand from Santa Clara, CA — you can enjoy the sweet liberty of an effort-optional bike ride.

Electric bikes aren’t new, of course, but Vintage Electric knows how to make them look good. They released their flagship model, the E-Tracker, in 2013. Last month, they released their second model, the Cruz. Both models are inspired by early motorcycles — specifically the board track racers of yesteryear.


We love how these bikes straddle the saddle between past and present. In addition to their slick art deco design, these puppies have a number of sophisticated features that boost performance, comfort, and safety. For example, the burly disc brakes deliver regenerative braking, the LED lights shed reliable light on any situation, and the comfy leather saddle and handlebar grips from Brooks make the ride as smooth as possible.

The most impressive feature of all is the electric battery. Each bike will take you 30 miles on a single charge, and it only takes two hours to reach full juice. In Race Mode, you can clock an astounding 36 miles per hour, making these bikes the fastest electric bikes on the market.

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The E-Tracker and Cruz probably won’t tear the world from its dependence on oil, but they will help. According to the specs on the Cruz, each charge costs just $0.18. If you charged your e-bike once a day, you’d only spend $65 in a year, or roughly as much as it costs to fill the tank of an SUV just once.

Both the Cruz and the E-Tracker sell for just under $5,000. While that may seem steep for a bike, it’s pretty good for an electric steampunk machine that will keep you rolling for decades. You can visit Vintage Electric’s website to get started building your e-bike and selecting the features that most appeal to you.

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