Giveaway: The Perfect Pair of Yoga Shorts by OHMME

ohmme yoga shorts

Right now you’re about to give up on your New Year’s resolution to get fit. And that’s understandable, because building new habits is hard — it’s winter, it’s cold and dark outside all the time, and, honestly, it’s much easier to hide a little excess flab under a winter sweater than to get to the gym and do a full series of yoga poses. We hear you, we really do. But, we’re also here to motivate you to keep your resolution and to get fit, if not for your looks, then certainly for your health. And we’ve got a giveaway that serves as not only a fun thing to win to improve your mood (hello serotonin spike), it’s also a behavioral nudge to get on the mat.

Thanks to our friends over at OHMME, a men’s athletic movement apparel maker seeking to “change the attitudes of current societal stereotypes of masculinity … encourgain[ing] guys to be able to move more freely through practices like yoga and be totally comfortable in their own skin,” we’re giving away to 46 individual winners either a pair of the brand’s 2-Dogs Lined Yoga Shorts or a pair of its Mayura shorts in black.

The sizing for this giveaway is restricted to mediums only, a size that provides a 16.25-inch outside leg length for both shorts, with both appropriate for waist sizes between 29 and 33 inches.

Just enter to win below for your chance at one of these great pieces of athletic wear. And, even if you’re not into yoga (you should be) or working out all that much, both pairs of shorts are pretty damned good for lounging. Just sayin’ …

ohmme 2-dogs yoga shorts

2-Dogs Lined Yoga Shorts ($70)

The 2-Dogs Lined Yoga Shorts from OHMME offer total flexibility for the man who needs it. With a soft-compression layer to keep everything in place no matter the movement and made from resistant, silk-like polyester jersey with sweat-wicking, fast-drying, and wrinkle-resistant properties, the 2-Dogs are perfect for a morning work-out, afternoon jog, or evening in.

ohmme mayura yoga shorts

Mayura Yoga Shorts ($54)

Much like the 2-Dogs, OHMME’s Mayura Yoga Shorts offer an inside panel, extending from the crotch to the inside of the leg that provides extra flexibility and comfort, during even the most tortured of movements. Add to that the fact that these can also double as swim shorts thanks to the fast-drying four-way stretch material, and you’ve got the perfect all-in-one package.

OHMME Yoga Shorts Giveaway