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Mountainsmith: Upgrading Your Life

mountain smith
Whether your adventurous side takes you deep into the back country, or commuting around the city, Mountainsmith has unveiled its new 2016 lumbar packs that are practical and stylish wherever you go.

Take a look at the photo on the top of this page to see The Tour model. This quintessential lumbar pack features a tuck-away waist belt, inside sleeve for a tablet, smartphone compatible waist belt pockets, back panel stash pocket, bottle pockets, interior zippered compartments, front panel pockets and front panel bungee system. Bottom line: you can keep all your electronics and other gear safe and close at hand. Retail price is $79.95.

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mountainsmith day bagThere’s also a new Day pack model with many of the same features. It retails for $89.95. Both bags are iPhone 6+ compatible.

Plus, all 2016 products have been upgraded with a new Cordura HP 610Dfabric, making them hard to beat in the durability category.

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