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Studypod Is A Portable Work-From-Anywhere Pod of Solitude

A few short months ago, many of us were daydreaming of a time we could skip the morning commute and work from home in our feety pajamas. Fast-forward to a COVID-19 world, and the idea of working anywhere outside our home office sounds like a Tahitian vacation. If you’re itching for a change of scenery from the daily grind of your current WFH setup, Studypod might be the answer.

Studypod is a versatile, self-contained pod that works as a drop-in live/work/sleep space wherever you need one. The seven-by-seven floor plan is compact but entirely usable as a private office, a study, a yoga studio, or even an extra bedroom. Manufacturer Livit recommends placing it in a garden, the woods, or any other inspiring environment. From the outside, the minimalist jet black shell looks like a futuristic shipping container. A large, tinted glass wall is the only indication that this is something altogether different.

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Thanks to its Norwegian design roots, the interior is ultra-streamlined bordering on ascetic. The entry-level model is little more than a contemporary shell with a door. Depending on their needs, however, buyers can upgrade to a removable work desk or even a king-size bed. Other standard features include durable oak laminate flooring, recessed lighting, and a power outlet. Advanced soundproofing also makes the space an ideal escape for quiet and solitude.

Durable, inexpensive composite materials have revolutionized what’s possible in prefab tiny house and backyard home office construction. Versatile, “drop-in” pods are now the answer for anyone looking for a quick, no-frills solution to adding a man cave, guest bedroom, or music studio to their property. Budget-conscious buyers can score a basic expansion room for about the cost of a Toyota Corolla these days. Some are even available on Amazon — free Prime shipping included.

Studypod starts around $13,600 plus tax for the Basic model. Additional options like built-in wheels and a desk push the bottom line north of $15,000. But, after months in quarantine staring at the same four walls, that price seems entirely reasonable if only for a change of scenery. For a bit more luxury, Livit offers the Birdbox sleep pod with large picture windows and an optional sink and modern outhouse-style bathroom.

If money is no object, Lumipod is a beautiful, drop-anywhere pod reminiscent of a full-featured hotel suite.

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