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LumiPod is the Pre-Fab Circular Bedroom Suite You Can Put Almost Anywhere


We’re pretty big fans of all things tiny, modular, or pre-fab at The Manual. Tiny cabins, rustic retreats, tiny homes on wheels, modular architecture, ADUs — we’re lovers of new, exciting, and innovative architecture.

Previously, we brought you the groundbreaking prefabricated one-bedroom tiny-home LumiShell from French design company Lumicene. The design firm is back, only this time they’ve gone full-on minimalist with the one-bed, one-bathroom LumiPod. Built within a circular steel structure with a diameter of almost 18 feet and a ceiling height of over seven feet, the LumiPod is a spacious, but compact bedroom suite perfect for dispersed hotels, estate follies, or modern backyard guests accommodations, but really, the uses are as varied as your imaginings.

The best part of the LumiPod isn’t its sleek shape or its carefully considered interior, it’s the massive, curved sliding wall that can be retracted so the main part of the LumiPod blends seamlessly with nature, making it truly an indoor-outdoor living space.

Lumicene describes the rest of Lumipod’s interior as having a wardrobe “positioned to the right of the bed. The bed is [raised on a platform] and integrated in a shallow niche. A curved rod allows [owners] to accommodate blackout curtains in front of the entire glass surface. Finally, the bathroom is equipped with a sink, a toilet, and a shower closed by a glass wall.”

The LumiPod is prefabricated in Lumicene’s factory in France. Built with a steel frame, the LumiPod is durable when stationary, but can also stand up to shipping via truck or boat. Once on site, the Lumipod is assembled within two days, not including the construction of the four required foundation points. A point of consideration: Currently the LumiPod must be connected to utilities, including electricity, sewer, and water. However, with a little extra cash and some proper placements, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that you could eventually make this place self-sufficient.

LumiPod’s first units are currently rolling off the manufacturing line with promises of delivery anywhere in the world within six months.

Not only does Lumicene have the LumiPod and the LumiShell, it also has, possibly its most fun creation to date, the LumiBar, a miniature bar that can also go anywhere you want it to.

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