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This Bonsai Tree Lego Set is EVERYTHING — But It’s Selling Fast

Bonsai Tree Lego Set.

Legos are a timeless invention that will never grow old. They make the perfect gift, regardless of how old the recipient is, and there’s such a huge variety of Lego sets out there that it’s a guarantee there will be something for everyone. Every year, we collect Black Friday deals for our readers to enjoy, and this year, we found one of the best Black Friday Lego deals on the internet! For a limited time only, this beautiful Bonsai Tree Lego Set is only $40 when it used to be $50. What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for some awesome Black Friday gift ideas for yourself or for family, snag yourself this generous deal!

If you’re a bonsai fanatic and enjoy the calming aesthetic but don’t have the means or patience to grow a real bonsai tree, how about the next best thing? A Lego bonsai tree! With 878 pieces, the construction process of this set won’t be that straightforward, and you’ll be in for a bit of challenging fun. The end result is rewarding, as you can attach either green or vibrant pink cherry blossoms to customize it how you wish. This makes the perfect hobby that you can build with family or as a recreational activity for yourself.

This set measures 18cm high, 21cm long, and 20cm wide, so it’s quite formidable and makes for a nice piece of decoration if you’re going for a Lego theme. This product has a customer review average of 4.9 from 2,498 ratings, which is insane! We’re not the only ones who love this product. Also, a little secret about this set is that the pink cherry blossom leaves have a hidden frog design. We rank this high on our list of the best Lego sets for adults, as it’s a piece that radiates tranquility and peace — and we all need a bit of that in our busy lives!

The Manual team loves scouring the internet for some awesome discounts and deals, and you can find some more great Amazon Black Friday deals on our dedicated page. Looking for a sweet discount on some gifts either for yourself or family members? This Bonsai Tree Lego Set is just the thing for you at only $40. Take advantage of this year’s Black Friday and sweep up this deal and make your wallet happy.

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