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5 La-Z-Boy Recliners That Would Look Great in Your Man Cave

lazboy recliners
When you think La-Z-Boy, you think comfort and dependability. Probably because of that old recliner your father (or grandfather) spends most of his time relaxing in. Well, guess what? These recliners aren’t your father’s. While the idea of comfort is still incorporated into every option, that doesn’t mean they don’t have style — and lots of it.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect lounge chair or just trying to take your man cave to the next level, La-Z-Boy has something to offer. Take a look at a few of our top picks and fall in love with their glorious blend of comfort and style.

Maxx Reclina-Way

lazyboy Maxx

This beautiful piece of furniture takes the classic recliner and revamps it with a sleek, modern design. Can’t you just imagine reading a book on Sunday evening in this cozy chair?

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James Power Recliner

lazyboy PowerRecline

If you’re in need of something a little more akin to a classic recliner, this is the model for you. With just a touch of modern, you can still incorporate the ultimate comfort into any room.

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Luke Duo Reclining Two-Seat Sofa

lazyboy Sofa

Every living room needs a comfy sofa, but not all comfy sofas look as good as this one. You would hardly think you could recline in this sofa just by looking at it.

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Midtown Low Profile Recliner

lazboy midtown

This low-profile option is another surprise from La-Z-Boy. With a sleek, contemporary look, it can add to any room without overpowering the rest of the furniture.

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Edie Duo Reclining Chair and a Half

lazyboy Edie-Duo

If you’re looking for a recliner that doesn’t look like a recliner, the Edie chair is perfect for you. Straight out of  La-Z-boy’s newest duo collection, this recliner gives you that laid-back comfort without sacrificing design. With plush ComfortCore cushions and a built-in USB port, the Edie chair has it all.

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