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Is there a free Chiefs vs 49ers live stream for the Super Bowl?

Watching the Super Bowl on TV.
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The day of the Super Bowl is upon us, you’ve spent ages reading up on interesting facts about the Super Bowl and even the best Super Bowl commercials, and you’re all set for the main event. If you’re keen to watch the Chiefs vs 49ers live stream for free, you’re in luck. There are plenty of options to watch the Super Bowl for free and we’ve picked out the best ways possible. Take a look below at our picks. They all mean you can check out Usher in the Halftime show too, with the hope that it’ll be one of the best Super Bowl halftime shows in recent years.

Watch the free Chiefs vs 49ers live stream on Fubo

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One of the best ways to watch live sports online, Fubo is perfect for anyone keen to cut the cord as well as catch the Chiefs vs 49ers live stream for free. There’s a Fubo free trial which lasts seven days so you have plenty of time to check out everything it has to offer. Fubo is one of the most popular streaming TV services because it offers hundreds of channels. Options include ESPN, CBS, Fox, Fox Sports, FX, Nickelodeon, NBA TV, NFL Network, TNT, and still hundreds more. The basic plan offers over 100 channels but with the free trial, you may as well go for a more premium offering so you get the full 400+ channel roster.

With so many options, Fubo is a great choice for anyone seeking some of the best sports documentaries, for instance. It’s also good for non-sporting moments with plenty of entertainment for the whole family including Comedy Central, Disney Channel, Paramount, and many more. With much of its live sports coverage, you can also enjoy upscaled 4K content with Fubo making it even more irresistible. Of course, you’ll need a 4K device to do so but there’s extensive support for a seemingly endless supply of devices like all your Android and Apple devices, along with Roku, Amazon Fire TV, games consoles, and smart TVs. Just make sure to cancel your Fubo free trial before the seven days is up as you need to hand over credit card details when signing up.

Watch the free Chiefs vs 49ers live stream on Paramount Plus

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Paramount Plus is secretly one of the best places to watch live sports online even though it’s not necessarily obvious as one of the less significant streaming services around. Despite that, Paramount Plus benefits richly from having live games that air on CBS and CBS Sports Network. That means you can watch the Super Bowl aka Chiefs vs 49ers with Paramount Plus. Even better, there’s a seven-day Paramount Plus free trial so you don’t have to pay anything.

Paramount Plus has had plenty of NFL games on the service throughout the season with the only limit being whatever game available on your local CBS station. There’s also college football, plenty of soccer, PGA Tour golf, college basketball and many other live sporting events. There are only two Paramount Plus plans to choose from — Essential and with Showtime. The former costs $6 per month and includes ads while the with Showtime plan costs $12 per month and is the one you need to watch the Super Bowl as it includes your local live CBS station. Also, while you’re enjoying a free trial, you may as well go with the more premium choice, right?

Pretty much every device you can think of will work with Paramount Plus with the limit on simultaneous devices connected being three which should suffice for most households. Besides sports, Paramount Plus has plenty of movies and TV shows including all things Star Trek, Mission Impossible, and South Park, so there’s something for everyone after the game finishes.

Watch the free Chiefs vs 49ers live stream on YouTube with Live TV

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YouTube is the place to go for free videos but it’s also a great live TV streaming service in its own right too with YouTube with Live TV being a great way to cut the cord. There’s a 10-day free trial so you can easily catch the Chiefs vs 49ers live stream for free, along with the Super Bowl halftime show and a whole bunch of other stuff over the coming days. Crucially, CBS has supplied its 4K stream to the service so it’s a good way to enjoy an upscaled Super Bowl.

Outside of the Super Bowl, YouTube TV is the home to NFL Sunday Ticket so it’s sure to be a hit with football fans. Once the free trial ends, the cost rises to $63 for the first three months before ending up at $73 which is reasonable value for what it offers. There are dozens of channels like ESPN in 4K, Fox Sports, CNN, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Disney Channel, and sports options like NBA TV and NFL Network. That means that YouTube TV is perfect if you want extensive options while still being a cord cutter.

There are neat additions too like the ability to hide a channel so you’re not overwhelmed by options you have no interest in, while you can even control the streaming resolution. YouTube TV works on pretty much any modern device you can think of such as your smartphone and tablet, as well as streaming media players, game consoles, and your web browser.

Watch the free Chiefs vs 49ers live stream from abroad with a VPN

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There are many great ways to watch the Chiefs vs 49ers live stream for free but what do you do if you’re traveling abroad right now? Frustratingly, geo-restrictions mean that even if you’re currently paying for a streaming service, that doesn’t mean you get the same content as you would back home. In some cases, you can access your streaming service and find different shows and live events to watch, but some won’t even work at all. That’s precisely why you need one of the best VPNs and we recommend NordVPN.

When you use a VPN, you connect to your chosen streaming service through one of the VPN’s servers. What that means is that the streaming app thinks you’re wherever you’ve picked through the VPN. Pick a US-based server and you get all the access you need to watch the Super Bowl for free, while actually being hundreds or even thousands of miles away. It’s perfect if you regularly travel as you’re still enjoying what you’re paying for without missing out.

A VPN also has the added benefit of keeping you safer as you browse. Using public Wi-Fi like hotel Wi-Fi is less secure than your home network and can potentially cause issues when browsing. It’s unlikely but if you’re dealing with sensitive work matters, you don’t want to take the risk. Connect through a VPN and you’re all safe and good to go, while also being able to use Fubo et al without a hitch. NordVPN doesn’t have a free trial but it’s highly affordable and worth pairing up with your streaming subscriptions to give you so much browsing potential.

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Paramount+ free trial: Can you watch the Super Bowl for free?
The Paramount+ logo.

Football fans can rejoice, as the Super Bowl will be kicking off soon. And whether you’re hosting or attending a watch party, you’re going to need to know how to watch the Super Bowl online. The TV broadcast is being handled by CBS, which means you can watch the game on its standalone streaming platform, Paramount+. This is good news if you’re hoping to watch the Super Bowl for free, as Paramount+ has one of the better free trial experiences of all the major streaming platforms.
Is there a Paramount+ free trial?
Yes, Paramount+ does offer a free trial. It’s good for one week of full access to the streaming platform. And while the Paramount+ free trial will allow you to watch the Super Bowl for free, it will also allow you to watch a lot more content than that for free. Paramount+’s content library includes a huge selection of movies and TV shows. The Yellowstone universe can be found on Paramount+, and you can even kick back with some of the best sports movies of all time with Paramount+.

How much is Paramount+ for 1 month?
Paramount+ offers a couple of subscription plans. Paramount+ Essential is just $6 per month, and it’s well worth it for all of the content you get access to. You can also bundle Showtime with a Paramount+ subscription, and that goes for $12 per month. With a monthly subscription you can watch Paramount+ on up to three devices at a time. You can even stream ad free with the most affordable $6 per month option, which is something you don’t often find among streaming services offering such affordability.
What’s the cheapest way to watch Paramount+?
The cheapest way to watch Paramount+ is, of course, for free by utilizing the weeklong Paramount+ free trial. If you’ve already exhausted that, you can go in for one month of Paramount+ for just $6. Paramount+ also has several special offers that are always accessible to different people. For example, you can get Paramount+ for free with a Walmart+ membership, and Paramount+ has student discounts available, military discounts available, and discounts for members of other organizations such as AARP and Delta Sync.

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YouTube TV free trial: Watch the Super Bowl for free on YouTube
The YouTube TV logo against a white background.

The Super Bowl is going to kick off in just an hour. If you’re among the fans trying to get yourself in front of the game, you may be wondering if you can watch the Super Bowl for free. You can, and one of the best places to do so is YouTube TV. The game is being broadcast on television by CBS, and with YouTube TV you’ll get access to your local CBS network. Reading onward you find some details on YouTube TV and what a subscription entails, as well as information on how to watch the Super Bowl for free with YouTube TV.
Is there a YouTube TV free trial?
There is a YouTube free trial available, and this is how you’ll go about watching the Super Bowl for free. It’s actually one of the best free trials you’ll find among the major streaming services. It gives you access to more than 100 channels and a wide collection of on-demand entertainment. During the regular season YouTube TV is even home to NFL Sunday Ticket and it’s almost always one of the best ways to watch live sports online.

How much is YouTube TV for 1 month?
YouTube TV doesn’t just have one of the best free trials among streaming services, it also has some of the best pricing when you consider how much you get with a subscription. Currently a 1-month subscription to YouTube TV is going for $73 per month. Discounts are almost always taking place, however, with price drops available if you’re willing to commit to a few months of service.
What’s the cheapest way to watch YouTube TV?
In total, the cheapest way to watch YouTube TV is simply to subscribe for one month at its regular rate of $73 per month. If you’re looking to save a little bit on a per-month basis, YouTube has had a long standing deal available that will drop the monthly rate to $63 per month if you commit to three months of service. This will save you $10 per month for three months, at which point your subscription will revert to the regular price of $73 per month, and you cancel at any point along the way.

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The Super Bowl isn’t on ESPN+, but you can watch it for free
The Fubo login screen on a television.

ESPN is perhaps the most recognizable name in sports broadcasting, and its standalone streaming service, ESPN Plus, is a place many sports fans turn to when looking for the best ways to watch live sports online. ESPN Plus subscribers who are also football fans may be disappointed to find the Super Bowl isn’t available to watch on the streaming service this year. However, Fubo is one of the best streaming services for sports lovers, and with Fubo you can watch the Super Bowl for free.

How to watch the Super Bowl for free with Fubo
Fubo is highly regarded as a live TV streaming service because it has so many channels in its lineup. Among those channels is your local CBS network, which is who’s handling this year’s Super Bowl TV broadcast. A Fubo subscription will get you access to the Super Bowl, but a Fubo free trial will get you access to the game at no cost. A Fubo free trial is good for seven days of full access to the streaming service, which means you can watch the Super Bowl for free if you sign right now. You’ll also get access to other premier sports channels such as the ESPN networks, FS1, FS2, NFL Network, and NBC Golf.

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