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Best Buy is Practically Giving Away This Dorm Room-Friendly Mini Fridge

Frigidaire 4.5 cu ft mini fridge front view and open with food samples.

So the big day is coming, and you’re getting ready to head off to college. It’s the perfect time to scoop up some deals on smart home gear and appliances. For example, you’ll want to check out some of the best Instant Pot deals for easy cooking or Keurig deals and Nespresso deals for morning brews. Let’s not forget refrigerator deals either, because you’ll want a place to store food and cold beverages.

Of course, some of those refrigerators are way too big to bring to your campus dorm or apartment. You’re in luck because Best Buy has a Frigidaire 4.5-cubic-feet Mini Fridge with Top Freezer on sale right now, for $50 off the normal price. You can snatch it up for $250 with free shipping to select locations.

Tucked neatly inside the Frigidaire Mini Fridge is plenty of space to store and organize food, snacks, and beverages. In the door, you’ll find three shelves with built-in attachments to organize and move them around as you see fit. In the main compartment are two straight shelves with options to adjust their height. There’s also a freezer box at the top of the fridge to store ice and other frozen goods.

The exterior is silver stainless steel, matching almost any modern decor or theme. It also feels great to touch, although you’d probably look a little weird if you were discovered in your dorm rubbing your mini-fridge vigorously. The door is reversible, so you can move it to either the left or right side of the fridge, which is perfect if you need an alternate configuration to match your living space. It has a freestanding design, along with adjustable front feet. In total, it holds up to 4.5 cubic feet of goods, and the door bins are gallon-sized to hold full-size milk jugs. Don’t try chugging that milk under any circumstances, though.

Normally $300, Best Buy is offering the Frigidaire 4.5-cubic-feet Mini Fridge with Top Freezer for $250, which is $50 off. You also get free shipping in select locations or free in-store pickup if there’s a Best Buy near you with the fridge in stock. Hurry — we’re not sure how long this deal is going to last.

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