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ESPN+ free trial: Can you watch for free in 2024?

ESPN Plus logo on smartphone.

ESPN has long been known as the premier broadcast network for sports coverage, whether you’re looking to watch a game or some daily highlights. In the last few years its standalone streaming service, ESPN+, has become quite popular as well. You aren’t alone if you’ve wondered if there’s a way to watch ESPN+ for free, as ESPN has moved a lot of its weekly coverage of games to ESPN+. The ESPN+ content library includes documentaries, classic games, as well as live games, and it’s something every modern digital-savvy sports fan needs access to. We’ve put together all of the information you need about an ESPN+ free trial, as well as ESPN+ pricing, deals, and bundle options.

Is There an ESPN+ Free Trial?

While most streaming services offer some form of free trial to let you get to know the content and have a look around the platform, there is no ESPN+ free trial to speak of. When ESPN+ first launched it was much less stingy with its content, offering a free trial to new subscribers. The ESPN+ content library and number of live games have both improved over the years, however, and ESPN no longer offers a free trial for ESPN+. Rest assured if you’re looking to save a little on a subscription, as there’s some ways to do so.

How Much is ESPN+ for 1 Month?

If you’re looking to subscribe to ESPN+ on a monthly basis it will cost $11 per month. One way to save, however, is with an ESPN+ annual plan. This will cost $110 per year, which amounts to a little bit more than $9 per month and a savings of about $24.

Is ESPN+ Free with Amazon Prime?

ESPN+ is not included with an Amazon Prime subscription, nor is it available for free as any sort of bundle with Amazon Prime. ESPN is part of the Disney family of networks, and while ESPN often partners with carriers like AT&T to offer a free ESPN+ subscription when you sign a new contract, it isn’t currently partnering with Amazon for any such deal.

Do You Get ESPN+ with The Disney Bundle?

You do get ESPN+ when you subscribe to the Disney Bundle, and it’s probably the best way to save on an ESPN+ subscription. A Disney Bundle subscription is $15 per month, and it includes Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. Compare this to an ESPN+ standalone subscription at $11 per month and the Disney Bundle effectively gets you access to Disney+ and Hulu for just an additional $4 per month.

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The Super Bowl isn’t on ESPN+, but you can watch it for free
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How to watch the Super Bowl for free with Fubo
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