DIY Party Crackers For NYE

diy party crackers nye
Guys love putting things together – from cabinets to tents, but when do we really have the opportunity (or the time) to do that sort of thing? Here is something you can do that will fulfill your crafty side, and is perfect for that New Year’s party you’re hosting.

Here’s what you’ll need.
-Wrapping paper.
-Cracker snaps ( you can get these at a party store or online)
-Toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls (cut down to size)
-Glue gun
-Ribbon (OR twine if you wanna make this extra manly)
-Some tape.
Step 1 –
Take your paper roll and cut it in half.
Step 2-
Tape it back together again.
Step 3-
Take a cracker snap and slide it on through the roll. You can use your glue gun to stick
the cracker to the left and right edge of the cardboard.
Step 4-
You’re going to want to throw in some small gifts. Traditional crackers include a joke and some sentimental goodies.
If you want to put some confetti in for when the ball drops you can do that as well. We’ll get to the gifts in a moment.
Step 5-
Once the cracker is filled with confetti and the small gifts of your choice, take some wrapping paper (longer than the roll – you’ll need to pull the sides) and carefully wrap the cardboard tube using your glue gun.
Step 6-
Tie the excess wrapping paper off with twill (or ribbon – whatever floats your boat).
Step 7-
Pull the sides of the cracker, watch it pop, and see your friends faces when they realize you made this all on your own – not to mention your girlfriend who can’t stop reminding you that you didn’t help set anything up for the party.
The most important part of this DIY exercise is what’s on the inside. Here are a few suggestions – If you want to make your friends smile, thrown in a dirty joke (to keep things traditional) and a few Advils to help cure the inevitable hangover that comes with any New Year’s celebration. Also consider those tiny stick on mustaches – they make for a great photo. If you are really crafty, consider a travel size bottle of Jack Daniels. The possibilities are endless. Have a great New Year’s!

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