Check Out This One-of-a-Kind Clocktower Penthouse

San Francisco has no shortage of stunning homes. Thanks to the influx of Silicon Valley money allowing for luxury upgrades to ordinary homes and plenty of hills that allow for amazing views, the peninsula city is a hot place to settle down. With so many options, though, it can be hard to stand out when trying to sell. But one property caught our eye for all the right reasons. Check out Clocktower Penthouse, arguably the most unique home in the city.

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Clocktower Penthouse sits on the eastern edge of the city in the South Beach neighborhood. Built in 1907, it’s an iconic part of the San Francisco skyline and was the original home of Max Schmidt Lithography Co. While the location and history offer more than enough reason for the $6 million dollar price tag, the real get is right in the name — this penthouse comes with its own clocktower. 

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Offering unique 360-degree views of the city, the clocktower sits above the main penthouse and is made up of three, fully finished levels. The first two levels contain the office and a game room. But the best spot is the clock room — a swanky lounge laid out around the working clock’s massive mechanisms. Outfitted with mirror-top cocktail tables, a few stylish wingback chairs, and a bench built around the mechanisms, the lounge is like an ultra exclusive cigar bar that only you and your friends get to enjoy. 

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Just because the clock room lounge is so amazing, doesn’t mean the rest of the penthouse isn’t equally impressive. Spread out along the main level, the penthouse includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an intimate sitting area that can be closed off thanks to an accordion door, and an open-plan main living space complete with double-sided fireplace. Finished in a cool color palette of white and gray, there is a contemporary and masculine style throughout. The home is sleek while still giving glimpses of its past, including the white-painted exposed steel support beams in the ceiling, and exposed brick walls. It’s a careful blend of rugged urban industrial style with the luxury finishes you expect to find in an exclusive property like this. 

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Outside, the penthouse is surrounded by a sprawling, 1,300-square-foot terrace. This patio offers plenty of spots to relax outside, including a dining area covered by a pergola, an outdoor living room with firepit, and several other sitting areas that are all carefully positioned to take in unique views of San Francisco.

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Clocktower Penthouse is currently on the market, and is listed by Compass agents Rob Levy and Eric Turner.

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