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Here’s Why You Should Consider Unique Gifts from Canadian Down & Feather Co.

This content was produced in partnership with Canadian Down & Feather Company.

The holidays are the time for cheer, and they’re also a great time to give back to everyone in your life. That’s just one of the reasons why holiday gifting is so jovial and fun. But almost every year, we see the same gifts and ideas floating around. Wouldn’t it be nice to stand out with a unique gift to offer your loved ones? We have one of the best ideas to share, and to anyone you surprise, it will be warm, welcoming, and beloved. Giving comfortable yet unique gifts from Canadian Down & Feather is a wonderful idea.

Canadian Down & Feather has a wide selection of bedding products — more specifically, incredibly comfortable and cozy down and feather goods like duvets, pillows, mattress toppers, and more. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, so giving something from Canadian Down’s exceptional selection will certainly delight! There’s truly something for everyone, which is what makes it so enticing. Like the that’s toasty, warm, and inviting. Or, the filled with supportive good feather and some 575 loft goose down for added softness and luxury as compared to a traditional feather pillow. You can shop CDFC yourself below, or keep reading for some excellent gifting ideas.

Gift Them a Soft Space To Lay Their Head

Let’s start things off with a fluffy poof, or rather some cozy pillows. They make a fantastic gift and we’ve listed some crowd-pleasing options that tend to work for all sleeping styles and preferences. What’s more, you can’t go wrong with any of CDFC’s expertly-crafted pillows as they’re all incredibly comfortable and luxurious, and they won’t empty your bank account either.

Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Pillow — $34

Gel microfiber down alternative pillow from Canadian Down out of packaging.

Made with a microfiber fill, this pillow is soft, plush, and satisfyingly bouncy. The high-quality polyester mimics down materials, but it’s also denser so there’s more support and firmness for those who want it. The 300-count thread cotton shell complements the fill, and it comes in three sizes: Standard, Queen, and King.

Down Perfect Pillow — $52

Down perfect pillow from Canadian Down in packaging.

Looking for something that provides excellent support? Look no further than this Down Perfect Pillow made with three fill chambers. The core chamber contains supportive goose feather fill, which comprises the bulk of the material. The two outer chambers contain soft 575 loft goose down, which creates a soft buffer against the feather. The shell is a crisp 255-thread count cotton exterior. Medium support is just the right amount of firmness and softness, and it works great for front, back, and side sleeping.

Gift Them Love, Relaxation, and Warmth

Like a pillow, you can bring a duvet to stay warm just about anywhere — couch, bed, or even outdoors if you’re sitting on a porch or patio. Of course, nothing is better than snuggling under a pile of sheets and blankets, duvet included, in bed for as long as humanly possible.

650 Loft White Goose Down Duvet — $239

650 loft white goose down duvet from Canadian Down folded up.

A 360-thread count cotton shell? Check. 650 loft goose down filler that’s soft and fluffy. Check. A lightweight profile that provides tons of insulation? Another check. That’s what this 650 Loft White Goose Down Duvet has to offer. Plus, it comes in four weights, including summer, regular, all-season, and winter. Then, of course, you can choose sizes ranging from Twin to Extra-Large King.

Hutterite Goose Down Duvet — $338

Hutterite goose down duvet from Canadian Down on bed.

Made with care in Canada and featuring a Canadian fill — 700 loft goose down farmed by Hutterites in Alberta, Canada — this duvet is very lightweight while still offering plenty of cover and warmth. It comes in regular and all-season weights and sizes from Twin to Extra-Large King. Therefore, there’s a lot of variety offered to make everyone happy!

This Holiday Season, Gift Luxury and Comfort with Unique Gifts from Canadian Down & Feather

Down pillow, duvet, or mattress topper — whatever you think will be the best gift, Canadian Down & Feather offers quite a few choices. They all have high-quality filler and shells, but what you really need to know about their products is that they’re ultra-comfortable, and exactly what you need to get a good night’s rest. Heck, you might as well pick one up for yourself while you’re at it!

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