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The Bo Light Is a Minimalist Bullseye

Bo Light Ebony Scale, the bo light
I love lamp.

The newest light offering by L.A. design studio MASSESS manifests in the shape of a simple archer’s bow, but is far from basic. Cordless and seemingly bulb-less, Bo ($250) is a brilliant practice in deconstructed minimalism.

Installed on the wall of your apartment, it can even make your framed Derek Jeter jersey look sophisticated. (No disrespect to Mr. November.)

MASSESS achieved its design goal of deconstructed minimalism by stripping away elements and materials to give space to what remains. For Bo, that is a solid oak arch reminiscent of an archer’s bow, kept tense by a bronze braided wire that acts as a touch-activated light control.

Lightly touch the wire to illuminate LEDs embedded into Bo’s oak spine, which diffuses light outward in a warm glow.

Bo Lights

Designers at MASSESS said during the creation of Bo, they allowed the materials to guide its process, whereas traditionally designers sketch a product and source materials to fit its shape and purpose.

Bo ups its minimalist points by being explicitly cultureless (a main principle in the design aesthetic). It also pulls on the element of dislocation, as we quickly notice the shape of the light and its association to a bow and arrow, however the item now functions outside of the surroundings we might expect to see it.

If Bo is already Incepting your mind, join the club.

Its designers added that Bo is, “An approach to rediscover the beauty that arises from a deep understanding of the limitations in materials and processes… Yielding products that encapsulate not only form, but also physical forces.”

I guess the main point is, Bo’s not just a lamp. It’s part sculpture and part lighting solution that is stunning both in its functionality and presentation. (I guarantee you won’t be able to look at your normal lamps the same way anymore.)

Available in Ebony or natural finished Oak, Bo offers us a chance to dabble in hardcore minimalism, adding breadth and contemplation to our living area without going balls-to-the-wall and swearing to live with less than 100 things.

It’s the perfect choice for a space that needs to feel larger and less cluttered, and isn’t too strong of a design choice that you can’t use other styles like industrial lighting in other rooms.

Each fixture is handmade in-house at MASSES, where the designer’s obsessively detailed craftsmanship makes just another lamp into a timeless sculpture. And for those of us who have a hard time rationalizing the purchase of art (not to mention the excessive cost), you can kill two birds with Bo and get a masterpiece and a daily essential.

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