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Best Super Bowl TV Deals

The stage is set for Super Bowl LVI, with the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams winning their respective NFL conference championships to book one ticket each to the big game. If you’re going to watch the event from your living room, you still have time to upgrade your home theater setup by taking advantage of the Super Bowl TV deals that various retailers have rolled out, including Walmart and Best Buy. The price cuts apply to a wide range of models from various brands, so you’ll surely find a deal that’s perfect for you.

When you’re choosing the TV that you’ll buy in preparation for Super Bowl LVI, you shouldn’t just focus on the visuals. You also need to consider their audio capabilities so that you’ll better appreciate the star-studded Super Bowl LVI halftime show, which will bring together Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve gathered some of the best Super Bowl TV deals that you can take advantage of right now.

Best cheap Super Bowl TV deals

  • TCL 50-inch 4-Series 4K TV —
  • TCL 55-inch 4-Series 4K TV —
  • TCL 65-inch 4-Series 4K TV —
  • Samsung 55-inch 8000 Series 4K TV —
  • LG 65-inch UP7000 Series 4K TV —
  • Samsung 50-inch The Frame 4K TV Bundle —

TCL 50-inch 4-Series 4K TV — $298, was $450

The TCL 4 Series TV on the wall.

Why Buy:

  • 4K UHD resolution on 50-inch display
  • HDR for lifelike images
  • Roku TV platform
  • Access to streaming services

Watch Super Bowl LVI in 4K UHD resolution on the TCL 4-Series 4K TV, with a 50-inch display that also comes with high dynamic range technology that enables accurate colors for lifelike images, so you’ll feel that you’re in the stands of SoFi Stadium. After the big game, the 4K TV will continue to be a valuable addition to your home theater setup as it’s a smart TV powered by Roku TV. The platform offers easy access to all the popular streaming services, including Netflix and Disney+, and it comes with a simple home screen that you can customize with shortcuts to your favorite channels, gaming consoles, and other devices. You can buy the 50-inch TCL 4-Series 4K TV from Walmart for just $298, after a $152 discount to its original price of $450.

TCL 55-inch 4-Series 4K TV — $319, was $358

The 55-inch model of the TCL 4-Series 4K TV with the Roku TV interface on the screen.

Why Buy:

  • Larger 55-inch screen
  • Small additional cost to 50-inch model
  • 4K UHD resolution and HDR
  • Voice controls through Roku app

A 50-inch display is already big enough for most living rooms, but if you want a slightly larger screen for watching Super Bowl LVI, then you should go for the 55-inch TCL 4-Series 4K TV. This model retains all the specifications of its smaller counterpart, including 4K UHD resolution, HDR technology, and Roku TV, but the extra 5 inches for the screen will go a long way in maximizing your view of the match as it unfolds. The smart TV also allows voice controls through the Roku app, so you can search for content, change channels, and switch input sources, among other functions, using only your voice. The 55-inch TCL 4-Series 4K TV is available from Walmart with a $39 discount, which lowers its price to $319 from its original price of $358.

TCL 65-inch 4-Series 4K TV — $448, was $800

TCL 65-inch 4K TV on a white background.

Why Buy:

  • Even larger 65-inch screen
  • Will showcase 4K UHD resolution, HDR technology
  • Four HDMI inputs
  • Nearly half price after discount

For football fans who want nothing but the best experience for Super Bowl LVI, then you should get an even larger model of the TCL 4-Series 4K TV. Watching the big game on the 4K TV’s 65-inch version, if it fits in your living room, will be second only to being there at the event yourself. The display will further showcase the TV’s 4K UHD resolution and HDR technology, and it will be more enjoyable to watch your favorite streaming content on the massive screen. With four HDMI inputs, including one HDMI ARC input, you’ll be able to connect multiple devices to the TV, including audio accessories such as soundbars. The 65-inch TCL 4-Series 4K TV is down to just $448, after a $352 discount to its original price of $800.

Samsung 55-inch 8000 Series 4K TV — $500, was $630

The Samsung 8000 Series 4K TV with a colorful image on the display.

Why Buy:

  • Crystal Processor 4K upscales content
  • Millions of possible color shades
  • Minimized blur with 60Hz refresh rate
  • Supports multiple voice assistants

The Samsung 8000 Series 4K TV is powered by the brand’s Crystal Processor 4K, which can upscale whatever you’re watching to 4K quality, while Dynamic Crystal Color technology creates lifelike images by enabling millions of possible color shades on the 55-inch display. The TV offers a 60Hz refresh rate, which minimizes blur and lag even in the fastest of scenes when you’re watching Super Bowl LVI, so you’ll see all the action as it unfolds. It also supports multiple voice assistants, so you have your choice on what to use with the TV, depending on which one you’re most familiar with. Take advantage of Best Buy’s $130 discount for the 55-inch Samsung 8000 Series 4K TV, which brings its price down to just$500 from its original price of $630.

LG 65-inch UP7000 Series 4K TV — $530, was $620

The LG UP7000 Series 4K TV with a winter scene on the screen.

Why Buy:

  • Powered by LG’s Quad Core Processor 4K
  • LG’s webOS 6.0 supports all streaming services
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
  • For Apple device owners, supports AirPlay 2 and HomeKit

Enjoy Super Bowl LVI in all its glory with the LG UP7000 Series 4K TV, which is powered by the brand’s Quad Core Processor 4K that upscales everything you watch on the 65-inch screen. Beyond the big game, the TV will give you more options on what to watch with the help of LG’s webOS 6.0 platform, which supports all the popular streaming services. The 4K TV also works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as your digital assistant, and with Apple’s AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit if you’ve invested in the Apple ecosystem. For gamers, the TV’s Game Optimizer grants easy access to game settings and automatically adjusts the picture for optimized graphics, such as when you’re playing NFL games like Madden NFL 22. Best Buy is selling the 65-inch LG UP7000 Series 4K TV for just $530, after a $90 discount to its original price of $620.

Samsung 50-inch The Frame 4K TV Bundle — $1,100, was $1,548

The Samsung Frame TV showing a drawing of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Why Buy:

  • Topnotch color accuracy with Quantum Dot technology
  • Unique, head-turning design
  • Display paintings on Art Mode
  • Bundle comes with everything you need

Samsung’s 50-inch Frame TV, which offers 4K UHD resolution and Quantum Dot technology for true-to-life images, features a unique design that allows it to convert into an art piece after you’re done watching shows like the Super Bowl LVI. In Art Mode, you can have the 4K TV display paintings from the Samsung Collection, or you can upload your own images. It’s bundled with everything that you’ll need to watch the championship match, namely the Deco Gear 60W soundbar with subwoofer, the Deco wall mount bracket, and the Stanley SurgePro surge adapter with night light. If you buy the bundle from Walmart, you’ll enjoy savings of $448, as it’s available for just $1,100 compared with its original price of $1,548.

Will my TV arrive by the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LVI will happen on Feb. 13 at the SoFi Stadium in California. It’s just several days away, so if you’re planning to buy a new TV for the purpose of watching the championship match on a better screen than what you currently have in your living room, you don’t have time to waste. You should finalize your purchase as soon as possible, to make sure that the TV arrives at your doorstep before the big game. If you take too much time thinking about it, not only might you miss out on the discounts that retailers are offering, but you may also receive the TV after Super Bowl LVI.

Most retailers, including Best Buy and Walmart, provide estimates on when you can expect your purchases to be delivered to your home. However, you might want to buy a TV that you’ll get a few days before Super Bowl LVI just to make sure that it arrives in time, even after a slight delay.

Should I buy a soundbar for the Super Bowl?

Most 4K TVs are equipped with reliable speakers, but if you want additional volume to make your Super Bowl LVI experience more memorable, you might want to invest in soundbar deals. With a high-quality soundbar, you’ll feel like you’re at SoFi Stadium watching the big game. The cheers, whistles, and other sounds that you hear during football games are further amplified by the excitement surrounding a championship match, and attaching a soundbar to your new TV will keep your adrenaline pumping from the kickoff to the final whistle.

It’s certainly not a requirement to purchase a soundbar for your new TV, but Super Bowl LVI will be more immersive if you make the investment. You should be on the lookout for discounts on soundbars by popular brands like JBL, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, TCL, and Bose. They’ll boost your TV’s audio to greater heights, and you’ll enjoy the benefits when watching shows and movies once Super Bowl LVI is finished.

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