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The Best Everday Camping Gear: Ticla

If you’re a serious outdoorsman, you’ve probably got the gear for basecamp trip to Denali, or even a month or two trip down the Appalachian Trail. However, how many of us really have a hardcore camping trip planned where we’ll need that zero degree mummy bag or Gore-Tex tent? Most camping these days involves more car travel and mellow nights at the lake than serious extreme weather or high altitude adventures.

There’s nothing wrong with some simple car camping, or pitching a tent at your favorite summer festival (SXSW maybe?) when you can’t get away from civilization for weeks on end, and our new favorite brand for casual camping gear is Ticla. Founded with the weekend warrior instead of the explorer in mind, Ticla maximizes your time outdoors, and not your stress over the right equipment. For their team, camping is more about the experience – you shouldn’t have to worry if your gear is going to perform. Likewise, if you have to figure out how to pitch your tent or even open your sleeping bag, your time spent in the backcountry tends to be less than fun.

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Our favorite piece of gear from Ticla? Take a look at the G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Dodge) kit. It’s designed around the principle that packing for a weekend trip should be simple. It includes a Rambler sleeping bag and Tsubo sleeping pad, along with a unique stuff sack. Instead of individually stuffing or cramming your pads and bags into suff sacks, everything rolls into a convenient storage and travel sack. Your pad rolls up in the bag, fitting your sleeping bag in the middle with enough space to stash an extra pillow, headlamp and book, covering all your immediate sleeping needs.

Need shelter to go along with your G.O.O.D. package? The Teahouse tents are built on the premise that you actually want to enjoy the views from your tent instead of walling yourself off from nature. After all, you’re heading out on the camping trip to enjoy the great outdoors right? The line-up from Ticla will help you do that as painlessly as possible; massive amounts of bug repellent not included.

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