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Hurry — You Need to Shop These 6 Black Friday Deals Right Now

The joy of shopping this time of year has got to be, without a doubt, the sheer amount of the best Black Friday deals you can take advantage of right now, and quickly, at that. It seems that no matter what you’re searching for this holiday season and beyond, there’s a Black Friday deal out there for you. And while there are nearly limitless opportunities to shop and save, we found six of the best Black Friday deals to please even the most discerning shopper.

Black Friday is a particularly great time to snag discounts on normally expensive, investment-level electronics and home goods. That goes for everything from one of the best Black Friday TV deals to some of the choice selections you’ll find below. If you want to upgrade your home in virtually any way imaginable, from your coffee maker to your on-the-go laptop, you’ll find a deal to shop right now. The real key though, besides dreaming of all the dough you’ll save? Ensuring you shop quickly enough to secure that coveted discount on a new home upgrade. Find out what you’ve simply got to stock up on via these Black Friday deals.

Trending Deals

Today’s Best Black Friday Deals

  • Ring Video Doorbell —

    $80, was $100

  • Lenovo IdeaPad Flex Chromebook Laptop —

    $149, was $379

  • Apple AirPods Pro —

    $159, was $249

  • Nespresso Vertuo Next Premium Classic —

    $172, was $230

  • Boise QuietComfort Noise-Cancelling Headphones —

    $279, was $329

  • Dell XPS 13 Laptop —

    $650, was $950

Ring Video Doorbell — $80, was $100

Video doorbell for the home
Best Buy

Why Buy: 

  • Customizable motion and zone settings to monitor important areas
  • Two-way talk technology for easy monitoring from anywhere
  • Alexa-compatible and Bluetooth-ready
  • Ability to save and share videos and photos with the Ring Protect Plan (Separate purchase required)

The Ring doorbell system is virtually a standard at houses and in neighborhoods everywhere, part of a home security revolution that provides homeowners with both peace of mind and up-to-the-second updates on activity outside their homes. It’s become an invaluable tool that’s relatively easy to set up and packed with the kind of technology befitting a smart home. The Ring Video Doorbell notably gives you the ability to see, hear and even chat with visitors, even when you’re not anywhere near your home.

The fact that it’s compatible with your phone or an Alexa system is even better, and we love the fact that the Ring Video Doorbell just happens to be on sale for Black Friday (but remember, it won’t be around for long). The Ring Video Doorbell even features 1080p HD video technology, plus Two-Way Talk, and it runs on a rechargeable battery for peace of mind that lasts a long, long time. The list of features goes on from there, including infrared technology that delivers clear video even at night, not to mention a compact design that’s minimal, not intrusive. Plus, the package includes installation tools to make set-up a breeze, not a hassle.

Better still, you can customize the Ring set-up to monitor special areas, especially ones that require some added attention and proper care. The Ring Video Doorbell could be the tech upgrade your home needs, complete with specs that are so reliable, you might wonder why you hadn’t picked one up before.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Flex Chromebook Laptop — $149, was $379

Sleek touchscreen laptop for Black Friday
Best Buy / Lenovo

Why Buy: 

  • Built with Google Chrome OS
  • Features four different display and set-up options for both laptop and tablet capability
  • Multi-touch, hi-resolution display
  • Lightweight and slim build (under three pounds in total)

We told you that the best Black Friday deals cover just about every category you can imagine, but that’s especially true if you want to pick up an item you wouldn’t normally buy on sale at another time of year. Take the technologically innovative, able-to-do-nearly-anything set-up of the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex Chromebook Laptop. It’s a laptop for creatives, dreamers, doers, and anyone who appreciates smooth operating systems, attentive design, and of course, a low, low price. The IdeaPad Flex Chromebook is a fitting laptop upgrade no matter your line of work (and a great gift for anyone who could use a new, high-performing laptop).

It’s really like four laptop or computer set-ups in one sleek package, boasting the ability to be viewed in tabletop, laptop, tent, or tablet modes and boasting a 10-point touchscreen and crystal-clear 11.6-inch IPS display. Because it’s a Chromebook, you can expect a close connection with Google Chrome OS, of course (that means hundreds upon hundreds of apps, handy features like virus protection, and plenty more useful tools and design touches, like a crisp webcam and microphone). Plus, the processor is designed to seamlessly handle graphics, video, and more, all at once.

It also measures just 0.77 inches thick and weighs under three pounds, making it an especially apt laptop purchase for busy travelers who need to pack light. And for everyone else? Well, it’s a sharp, technologically savvy, and multi-faceted laptop that does everything you need (and then some).

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Apple AirPods Pro — $159, was $249

Best airpods on sale right now.

Why Buy: 

  • Next-level sound in a compact package
  • Easy-to-use technology
  • Water and sweat-resistant
  • MagSafe Charging Case for battery life on the go

Apple’s AirPods have been changing the game in terms of quality, compact audio gear over the past few years. Apple AirPods are nearly as ubiquitous as iPhones these days, and they’re surely a step up from the cord headphones that Apple also popularized. They’re crisply designed, they’re easy to transport and use, they signify that you know a thing or two about sound quality, and of course, they pair up quite expertly with your iPhone. However, they’re not always on sale or easy to find at a discount.

That’s where the best Black Friday deals come into play, of course. These AirPods feature active noise cancellation, plus a useful “transparency” mode that still lets you stay tuned in with your surroundings when on the go. They’ll also tune the music in your headphones to your ears, bringing new meaning to the phrase “music to your ears,” literally. On top of that, they’re crafted to resist sweat and water, making them useful in multiple situations beyond just kicking back and playing your favorite tunes (although they work quite well when you want to do that, too).

And should you need to access vital information, they’re compatible with Siri through that time-tested phrase, “Hey, Siri.” Yes, you could say they’re highly intuitive, and that would probably be an understatement (this is Apple we’re talking about, after all). You also get more than 24 hours of listening time via the MagSafe Charging Case. There’s much to love about these AirPods (including the fact that they’re on sale).

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Nespresso Vertuo Next Premium Classic — $172, was $230

Best Nespresso coffee maker to buy now.
Why Buy: 

  • Compact, durable and elegant design
  • Tailormade brewing methods according to coffee capsule used
  • Complete with a pour over-style carafe
  • Designed with cool chrome accents to complement any home

When we said you could find a wide variety of deals on Black Friday in every product category imaginable, we weren’t joking. If you can’t get enough of java in your life, then there’s hardly a better addition to your daily routine than Nespresso. Beloved for a variety of approaches to make it very easy to get a great cup of coffee at home through its innovative, coffee pod-driven system, Nespresso doesn’t cut any corners with technological innovation in the world of coffee, and that might be an understatement. Just as with your favorite coffee shop, Nespresso gives you your pick of plenty of variations on a tried-and-true cup of coffee, and again, that might be an understatement.

The Vertuo Next Premium Classic provides five cup style options to brew up a fresh cup with just a few clicks, and it only gets better from there. The key here is that Nespresso customizes each cup brewed according to the barcode on the coffee pod you’ve selected, then finishes off each cup with a shop-level-quality finish. The Vertuo Next is also billed as the brand’s most compact design yet, ideal for smaller spaces where you might not have a ton of room on your counter. The design itself is also made in part from 54% recycled plastics and other sustainable materials.

It’s got plenty of quality design to admire, with the resulting coffee providing exceptional quality from the comfort of your home. You can even add hot or cold milk froth to your coffee with the Nespresso Aeroccino3 functionality. It’s everything you could want in a cup of coffee, and then some.

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Boise QuietComfort Noise-Canceling Headphones — $279, was $329

Best noise-cancelling headphones
Best Buy

Why Buy: 

  • Ideal blend of noise-canceling technology and natural audio filtration
  • 24-hour battery life on one charge
  • Improved cushion and ear cup design
  • High-fidelity TriPort acoustic architecture

If you know someone who loves the power of great music, or if you yourself can’t get enough of soul-stirring, dramatic and life-changing tunes, then you’re well aware that the right headphones are, well, simply everything. That’s where some of the best headphones come into play, but of course, these Bose headphones are so much more than just headphones designed for music. The real benefit here is the forward-thinking noise-canceling technology built right in, the kind that delivers a sense of calm and, well, quiet focus whenever you need it.

Ideal for the traveler or for those who work in bustling spaces on the go, noise-canceling headphones can easily improve your work, your focus, and even your quality of life and comfort (when traveling, they’re practically essential these days). If ever you’ve heard the remarkable sound coming from Bose speakers, then you know the brand takes design seriously, and that goes for these QuietComfort headphones, too. They use Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology, but they’re also made with an Aware Mode option that naturally filters in sound from the outside world. Add in the fact that they’re designed in a sleek black colorway for no-nonsense style, and these headphones truly just might be the complete package if you value top-notch audio design. Throw in long-lasting battery life and of course, the fact that you can score them on sale, and it’s not hard to see why they’re a new must-buy this season.

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Dell XPS 13 Laptop — $650, was $950

Dell laptop on sale for Black Friday.

Why Buy: 

  • Fast-moving 11th Generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor
  • Touchscreen-capable with 10 different touchpoints
  • Multiple set-up customizations available
  • Simplified, streamlined weight and build

It can be difficult to find a laptop that goes above and beyond the average, especially at a low price, but that’s where the Dell XPS 13 Laptop truly shines through. It’s a laptop, yes, but it also features a 10-point touchscreen and the capability to be set up in four different customizations. Those customizations include the chance to set it up as a tablet, a tent, a tabletop view, or a laptop, all without losing memory, processing power, functionality, or all the speedy capability you expect from your laptop.

It’s also a sleek and smooth design piece, weighing less than three pounds and boasting an ultra-thin design (despite including a standard keyboard, of course). It’s a perfect laptop for the creative or the business traveler, or anyone who values the ability to work smoothly and seamlessly on the go. The built-in Windows 11 operating system just about checks off every box you need as far as useful applications are concerned, and other impressive design touches include the Intel Iris Xe Graphics card and a lightning-fast 11th Generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor. Dell has done its very best to deliver this laptop with an absurd amount of design capabilities, and it goes above and beyond even what you might expect from a high-performance laptop.

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Should You Shop These Black Friday Black Friday Deals or Wait Until Cyber Monday? 

There’s a reason we’re so excited about Black Friday deals: Namely, they’re happening right now, they’re immediately up for grabs and they offer discounts that very well might not be around for very long. There’s something to be said for shopping Cyber Monday deals, but when looking at coveted and much-loved products like Apple AirPods, it’s very likely that inventory might run out or deals might change (or expire) prior to Cyber Monday. Black Friday reigns supreme.

When in doubt, we’d say it’s always best to shop sooner rather than later. Now, with all that being said, you can still shop on Cyber Monday. In short, if you buy a product on Black Friday but find a more agreeable deal on that same item on Cyber Monday, time is still on your side.

Simply put, shopping on Black Friday gives you a window of opportunity to return your order if you happen to find the product at a lower Cyber Monday price. Even with shipping and returns built in, you’ve still got the prime chance to secure a coveted tech favorite before the holidays.

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