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This Is the Cheapest 70-inch TV Cyber Monday Deal Worth Buying Today

Go big when you go home with this 70-inch TV Cyber Monday deal. If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that one’s digital life can prove more important than we imagined. So give up squinting and swoop in on the Hisense 70-inch Class A6G Series , which is $300 off its usual price at Best Buy. Granted, this size isn’t right for everyone, so check out other Cyber Monday TV deals around the web for other great options.

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Today’s Best 70-inch TV Cyber Monday Deal

A 70-inch Hisense 4K TV with the Android TV interface on the screen.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • Seventy inches of 4K, ultra-high-definition resolution
  • Google Assistant-compatible for smart home systems
  • Smart TV enabled, allowing you to seamlessly stream your favorite shows with no additional hardware
  • Auto low-latency mode for gaming

Go big or go home. Fortune favors the big. OK, that last one may be a stretch. But the point is that when it comes to entertainment, we’re all thinking a bit bigger. Maybe that’s because movie theaters were effectively shuttered over the last year, making home cinema that much more critical. Or maybe it’s because, with all the streaming we’ve collectively done during the pandemic, we’ve found ourselves examining the display closer than ever before. Regardless of your reason, you’ve likely found a few figurative cracks in your TV’s facade, and this deal allows an upgrade for a very low price.

The first thing that stands out with this Hisense TV is its breathtaking color. With 4K ultra high-def picture — about four times that of a regular HD TV) — and full-array LED backlight, you’ll immediately notice vivid hues and remarkable contrast. This extends to live sports, your favorite show, and even gaming.

And on the gaming front, its auto-detect low latency mode immediately knows when you’ve switched to your daily gaming time, compensating its picture so that there are no lags or jerks as you play. One can get accustomed to this level of intuition, rather than having to toggle between menus and manual modes every time you switch mediums.

This is a smart TV first and foremost, and as such, it comes standard with Android TV and Chromecast already built-in. Just connect to your Wi-Fi, and you’ll have access to most, if not all, of your favorite streaming services at your fingertips. No additional hardware is required, allowing for a clean tabletop and minimal cords.

While most will use a dedicated speaker system rather than this unit’s built-in options, it’s still nice to have decent speakers out of the box. The DTS Virtual system does enough work should you elect to not add a soundbar or other external option.

Granted, 70 inches is something so big your grandparents might consider it a drive-in. But if you’re looking for a size of unit that’s immersive — since it’s nearly the size of a wall — this TV from Hisense is the best deal we’ve found that balances quality and price. Pick one up before they’re gone.

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Should You Shop This 70-inch TV Cyber Monday Deal or Wait Until Tomorrow?

You’ve waited long enough. You’ve been wishing for a bigger TV for 12 months, and you wanted to spend considerably less than the $1,000+ they usually go for. The stars have aligned. Even more fuel to light your fire: A recent report from Adobe Analytics showed out-of-stock alerts on websites up 124 percent compared to pre-pandemic numbers. It’s likely only going to keep growing, so it’s time to pull the trigger.

What happens if you find a better deal? We all know what buyer’s remorse feels like, but luckily, you can just cancel this order. Use the return window to your benefit to safeguard your finite amount of sale dollars.

Granted, even with this size, some may prefer to spend more for better tech. That’s totally valid. If size is key, and you’re OK with a step below the best — but, let’s be honest, the differences are slight at this point — then this is an amazing deal that shouldn’t be missed. Once the kind of deal that would require an early morning at a department store, you can stay in your PJs and buy it online. Don’t make excuses or flip-flop; now is the time to buy that TV.

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