Allbirds Wool Sneakers: Sustainable and Stylish


Two years ago, Tim Brown, a former professional soccer player from New Zealand, launched a Kickstarter campaign to see if other people would be interested in his new shoe design: shoes that can be worn without socks and won’t smell. In just five days the campaign had mounted 970 backers who donated around $119,000. The new shoe idea was so popular that it led Brown to switch career paths and cooperate with biotech engineer and renewables expert, Joey Zwillinger, to create a truly innovative and sustainable sneaker company: Allbirds.

Allbirds has taken the sneaker market by storm with its sustainable, biodegradable wool shoes. These runners are lightweight, machine washable, and they even regulate temperature to keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Tack that on to a phenomenal, simplistic design and you’ve got yourself a hit. Less is always more.


Allbirds shoes come in three different colors at the moment: charcoal, black, and tui green, which each pair possessing its own flair. The all-black design is a sleek, natural black shade that’s paired perfectly with just about any outfit. Tui green is a limited edition color that is a sort of a blend between lime and mint with a matte appearance and bright hues, which are sure a head-turner when you’re out and about.


Allbirds are the first pair of sneakers to be made of wool and they boast a sustainable rubber-foam polymer sole, which make their carbon footprint 60% smaller than shoes made from synthetic materials. They even design the box in an earth-friendly fashion, using less cardboard because the box used to ship the shoes is also the shoe box–a simple and ingenious solution to our modern-day surfeit of packaging.

Allbirds also offers a 30-day guarantee on their shoes, so if they don’t fit your fancy, they’ll take them back no questions asked. They’re currently working on new fabrics and shoe designs that they hope to launch by the end of the year, so keep your eyes to the sky for the flock of new Allbirds flying over the horizon very soon.