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You Can Spend Your Next Vacation in Australia’s Famous Pole House

Ask anyone who has driven along Australia’s Great Ocean Road and they can probably show you a photo they’ve snapped of Pole House. Located in Fairhaven, Victoria, Pole House is exactly that: a house the sits on top of a 43-foot-tall pole. Overlooking the Bass Strait, this vacation rental is listed as one of Australian Traveller Magazine’s 100 Great Australian Holiday Homes.

Originally built in 1978, Pole House quickly became an icon of this seaside vacation town and a must-see stop along the scenic Great Ocean Road drive. Over time, the harsh sea air began to wear away at the building and it started to fall apart. In 2013, new owners took over and decided to start from scratch. With the help of F2 Architecture’s Frank Fiorentini, Pole House was demolished and painstakingly rebuilt, restoring the home to its former glory.

Accessed via a vertigo-inducing floating walkway, the home is surrounded by a glass railing balcony, allowing visitors to enjoy the views from all sides. Inside, these views helped to determine the layout of the space. The design is unique, not just because the home sits on a pole, but because it was built on a diamond plan rather than the standard square. The entrance is located in a corner instead of a side. In the center of the space, a curved wall pod covered in burnt ash panels helps to divide the otherwise open floor plan (and hide the bathroom).

Simple materials and black accents were used to keep the focus on the star: the incredible vista of the water. In the living area, the reclinable sofa is angled to face the corner of the room, which also features a ceiling-mounted floating fireplace. The wall of glass that faces the water is retractable, allowing in fresh sea breezes. Just off the living area is the bedroom. The bed is situated to take advantage of the spectacular views of the water. A simple dining area and kitchenette round out the amenities.

If you book a stay, be prepared for minimal provisions —  no welcome baskets or bottles of wine to greet guests. The Pole House is sparsely furnished with just the necessities, knowing it’s the view and the chance to spend the night in this Australian icon that has guests flocking there.

Images courtesy of Great Ocean Road Holidays/The Pole House.

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