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Streamline your daily WFH routine with innovative Roborock tech

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No one wants to spend their whole day cleaning. But more time spent at home means messier homes — which means more time spent tidying them up. It’s even worse if you’re working from home — either your colleagues have to see your messy house or you clean between meetings. This endless, exhausting cycle is one reason why demand for automated home-cleaning tech has skyrocketed in recent years: People want to eliminate chores from their daily routine as much as possible. In fact, by 2025, 1 out of every 3 homes will have smart-cleaning devices.

Thanks to advanced feature sets and innovative artificial intelligence, Roborock is the industry leader in home robotics. Their products may not pick your clothes off of that chair and fold them away neatly, but they’ll eliminate one of the most tedious and time-consuming household tasks almost entirely: keeping your floors spotless. Their suite of smart vacuums and mops are optimized to reduce the time you spend cleaning — and maintaining the devices — as much as possible, saving you time and modernizing your home.

Any decent smart vacuum will clean dust off the floor day after day. But many require you to clean the device itself — regularly emptying the dustbin or cleaning the mop, for example. And what’s the point of saving time vacuuming if you just end up spending that time maintaining a vacuum? Roborock’s latest vacuums are compatible with smart docks; when they make a pit stop, not only will they top off their battery, they’ll empty their dustbin (the dock can hold up to eight weeks’ worth of debris), refill water and cleaning fluid, and even clean their mop so they’re not spreading filth around. This “spray, brush, shave” method uses water and a rubber brush to loosen dirt from the mop before a rubber squeegee scrapes the mop clean. In fact, Roborock’s market research has found that having to manually wash a vacuum’s mop is one of customers’ least favorite aspects of owning a smart vacuum — so doing away with this messy task is a massive boon for consumers. All of these features are part of Roborock’s mission to be the world’s most innovative company and improving its customers’ daily life.

Beyond that, the designers of Roborock’s docks sweated all the little things. Tanks are optimized for capacity, filtration and water efficiency, and are designed for to be as ergonomic as possible. Different dock models have different feature sets, allowing you to choose between features and footprint. Advanced filtration systems mean only the cleanest water gets applied to your floors. And the latest vacuums are equipped with VibraRise, which intelligently adapts to various floor surfaces and carpets, and Reactive AI 2.0, which uses neural imaging recognition to spot obstructions, map floorplans, and adjust ideal cleaning patterns such as suction power and scrub intensity. With these features, Roborock’s vacuums become a necessary addition to any smart home.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Other trends in recent years underscore the demand for more powerful smart appliances. In 2021, pet ownership in the United States increased to an all-time high, with 70% of households owning a pet. Meanwhile, pet hair is one of the most common allergens for humans, and more pets plus more time at home with them equals an allergy nightmare. Anyone who suffers from allergies knows how exhausting it can be keeping a home dander-free: endlessly vacuuming, changing air filters, brushing dander off of furniture… Poorly designed vacuums make the problem worse by kicking up dander or releasing it back into the air when emptying dustbins. Not only do Roborock’s automatic dustbins reduce the amount of allergens that get dispersed back into the air, the TUV Rheinland Allergy Care–certified vacuums are armed with automatically-sealing dust bags that capture 99.5% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, keeping your furry friends from irritating your eyes and nose.

So just because you’re spending more time at home these days doesn’t mean household chores have to take up a disproportionate amount of time. With Roborock’s advanced line of smart vacuums, you take back your time and streamline your work-from-home routine.

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