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ZGrills Is Having a Massive FLASH SALE on Pellet Grills

It’s the time of year for warm weather and sunny patios, and ZGrills is ringing in the spring with a massive flash sale. Impressive discounts are available on some of the most popular ZGrill models, and savings can reach as high as $379. All products that are part of the flash sale come with a free rain cover, as well as fast free shipping, which is a considerable savings on its own on such large products. This flash sale, which features some of the best grill deals and smoker deals the spring has to offer, only lasts until March 31 and limited quantities are available, so click over to ZGrills now.


ZGrills Pioneer 450B — $399, was $499

The ZGrills Pioneer 450B is pictured with the lid open.

It’s not often you can catch a discount on a brand’s newest products, but this ZGrills flash sale puts exactly that on the table. The Pioneer 450B is the 2022 model of the pellet grill and smoker. It features easy-to-use digital controls that make it easy and intuitive to crank out great patio meals. It also features a cutting-edge PID controller that maintains a steady temperature throughout your cooking. The Pioneer 450B’s build quality, like all ZGrills products, is top notch, and it even has a new pellet cleanup system that makes emptying the hopper and switching out pellets a breeze. Some great discounts on accessories are able to be bundled with the Pioneer 450B, and if you’re in search of some great outdoor recipes to pair with your new grill, explore this fun and new outdoor cookbook.

ZGrills BBQ Legend 1000D3E — $629, was $849

The ZGrills BBQ Legend 1000D3E is pictured on a white background.

For all of the true grill masters out there, the ZGrills BBQ Legend 1000D3E is the pinnacle of outdoor cooking. The grill is an 8-in-1 grill that is able to cook at temperatures ranging from 180 degrees to 450 degrees, making it a versatile outdoor cooking option. Weather isn’t a concern for the BBQ Legend, as it has a thick, durable, stainless steel lid that helps retain heat and maintain steady temperatures no matter what the weather around it may be like. It boasts a top-notch pellet grill that has three tiers of grates, which give you room to cook the largest of wood-fired feasts. Cleanup with the BBQ Legend is a snap, as it has an ingenious ash cleanup system that lets you easily dump ash after every grilling session. If this is too much grill for you, or if you’re looking to do your outdoor cooking farther out into nature, explore some of the best camping grills for outdoor cooking.

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